Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

With the thousands of people selling their business ideas and programs, it's hard to know who's legit. I have had my fair share of negative experiences and not knowing which is a scam or not. It wasn't until Wealth Affiliate where I started to see things differently.

Weatlhy Affiliate is an online membership program that guides you through the process of making money online. Their main focus is on teaching you how to make money from the world of affiliate marketing. This form of marketing involves selling other people's products in exchange for a commission with every sale that you make. It's incredibly profitable when done correctly, and the people over at Wealthy Affiliate can help you get there.

Wealthy Affiliate is not your typical eBook or quick guide that you purchase, read through once, and throw away into your hard drive and never read again. It's an online membership with real people within the community. You gain access to the millions of people before you who have used the site. You have access to a multitude of different resources that can expedite your growth and development as an Internet marketer.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Provide Its Users?


You don't get a single eBook or quick poorly written guide. Instead, you receive complete step by step guidance on the principles of affiliate marketing. Everything from creating content to choosing a niche, they have the training to get you there.

Wealthy Affiliate

From the moment you join the program, you will get a walk-through of their state of the art training program and how to get the most out of your training.

Their training includes a mixture of both PDFs and videos. The videos are in-depth and insightful that explain everything you must know to get started. Whether you want to build a website with solid SEO or you're struggling to choose a niche, they have videos that explain what to do step by step. You won't be left in the dark at all when you get started.

FREE Hosting

Building a website is crucial to building any type of business. You need it to create a space for what you do online. It's your ticket to being on the web and building a platform. Wealthy Affiliate knows how vital it is to your online success that they provide hosting in your membership fee every month.

Wealthy Affiliate

Now there is no need to worry about investing in hosting because Wealthy Affiliate provides it for you a part of the membership. Hosting can get expensive when you want to add more pages to your website or when you want to add more sites, but Wealthy Affiliate provides such a huge bandwidth so that you never run out of opportunities to build more websites.

An Incredible Forum

Have you ever wanted to ask for help from a product owner or creator? Ever wanted to ask someone who has tried the product what they thought? On Wealthy Affiliate, you gain access to hundreds upon thousands of amazing Internet marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate

You get the chance to ask questions that can be answered by experts in their field. The power of this forum is underestimated by naysayers and those who don't utilize it. Because Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence for 10+ years, this forum has answered thousands of millions of questions, so there is a plethora of knowledge to be dived into even if all you were joining into was the forum.

The forum is full of golden nuggets hiding in and out of the forum. There are threads created that teach you how to earn emergency income if you need money as soon as possible. There are threads that teach you side businesses to build while you are creating your affiliate marketing empire. It's full of powerful information that will blow your mind.


There has never been a platform on the web just like the one provided on Wealthy Affiliate. Every website and domain is managed and fully integrated using the SiteRubix platform. The platform on Wealthy Affiliate is ever evolving allowing users to continuously push the envelope on the web to create the most innovative website design. It is a "fluff-free" interface that allows you to create a site as easily as possible utilizing the SiteRubix.

Wealthy Affiliate

Their platform can help you uncover top notch domain names within seconds. Find hidden gems in numerous niches. There are millions of domains available to purchase when you join the site. I love how fast their platform allowed you to choose and buy your domain and have it be up and ready within mere minutes.

No need to wait 24 or more hours until it's live. You can buy a domain right now and get started on designing it as early as 30 minutes from now. No to mention that this is all a part of your monthly membership fee.

You also get unlimited email accounts, WHOIS protection and privacy, domain security, and even advanced DNS automation and management. The only additional investment is the domain itself which is only $13.99 each year for every domain, and then the resting and all the benefits is included.

Features of Wealthy Affiliate

Create "Profit-Ready" Websites In No Time

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that they can get you those profit ready websites in no time at all. From the moment you buy that domain, you get exclusive access to the website builder on their SiteRubix to create your site.

Wealthy Affiliate

No more struggling to guess on what's next. You will watch all the incredible videos that will educate you on how to optimize your site with proper SEO, powerful content, and niche research so that you build your site ready to earn those profits.

Affiliate Program

There is a powerful program within the Wealthy Affiliate program. What makes this so unique is that you can lead people into joining their affiliate program and make massive profits leading people to this industry. In fact, some people make a full-time income from simply inviting people to the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate

It's a profitable side income and something worth diving into if you want to help others make more money from home as well. All you need is a few people to join the program through your name and you can pay off your membership every month.

Classifieds to Sell Your Services

Do you want to gain access to money right away? There is a classifieds section where Internet marketers can promote services to the other members on the site. Whether you are a writer or a professional graphic designer by trade, there is a section that allows you to start selling your services.

Wealthy Affiliate

There is no better place to advertise. These growing and highly successful marketers are always looking to outsource what they need, and you can be landing clients left and right on this site allowing you to make money right away before you earn money in your business.


  • It's Easy To Follow The Videos: You get access to some of the most incredible videos. There is no need to guess on what to do next. You get a full program that makes sure they dive in to the basics for you so that you know what's happening next. Wealthy Affiliate wants you to get your first setup as soon as possible so that you can start making that money. The videos are in-depth, easy to follow, and perfect for any newbie.
  • Discover Numerous Ways To Make Money:  Affiliate marketing is not just the only way to make money. There is freelance writing, graphic design, product creation, Fiverr, and many others. The best part is that the forum gives you access to knowledge from all kinds of people from all walks of life. There are people who share their other ways to make money, and you can dive right in to see what you would like to consider.
  • Success Stories: There are SO many success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members over the years, this is the most telling thing of all. 


  • No matter how good any training is, you need to put in the work still.

Final Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate is a place online that wants to help you achieve big success. Whether you want to earn $10 a day, $100 a day, or even $1,000 a week, there is a set of steps you can take to accomplish this that they show you. Weatlhy Affiliate brings you right up to the front of the actual owners allowing you to even message them. You gain access to thousands of people who are ready to lead you down the right path.


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