Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez

When I first saw the "Here in my garage..." ad, I suppressed a giggle. It looked just like every get-rich-quick ad that had ever been run on late-night television. Okay, so this one had books instead of attractive girls.

But Tai Lopez has actually managed to get his face around the internet, and that means he must know at least a little about marketing. So after seeing a few more ads and hearing about him on a forum, I decided to give Mr. Lopez a chance to sell me his method.

Here's what I found out.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur and social media personality from California. He's known for his frank speaking style and his motivational philosophy of seeking the "good life."

Like many entrepreneur-style personalities, Tai dropped out of college in favor of traveling and working odd jobs. He eventually landed a position for GE Capital. He used to own a dating service called Elite Global Dating, and he produced a short film known as The Pavement.

Most people know Tai from his public appearances. He gave a rather notable TEDx talk in 2015 about why he reads a new book every day. He's also interviewed many famous personalities including Hillary Clinton, Rihanna, Kobe Bryant, and even Steven Spielberg.

With a background in finance and film production, it's no surprise that Tai has been able to create an empire out of his digital marketing efforts. His current net worth is well over $60 million.

The Message

Tai Lopez has a plain and simple message for his students: your goals are more achievable than you might think. He values education, encourages patience, and promotes a general philosophy of self improvement.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez also believes that mentorship is an important part of personal success. He continually seeks out interviews and advice from some of the most influential people in the world. Some of these interviews are available for free, but most can only be purchased through one of his many online courses.

Nearly all of Tai's free content is purely motivational. He frequently references his 67 Steps, the flagship program that started his career in financial mentorship. On the back of the success of 67 Steps, Tai has also released a slew of other courses with various lessons and unique messages.

Products and Services

Tai Lopez is constantly adding new courses to his website, and the old ones aren't always available. Here's a list of just a few of his different programs:

  • The 67 Steps.
  • 4 Simple Steps To Building a 6-Figure Ecomm Agency.
  • Tai's Credit Mentor Program 3.0.
  • 5 Minute Mentor Daily Mentor Program.
  • Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0.
  • The Cashflow System 2.0.

Each of these courses costs between $500 and $1000. Some of the prices may be split into monthly subscription models. Every course offers a new angle on wealth, prosperity, and financial success.

If you purchase one of these courses, you'll gain access to a series of videos, audio files, and eBooks related to the subject that you selected. You may also have access to group video chats with Tai or some of the mentors that he frequently works with.

Tai Lopez

For some of his programs, Tai offers a certificate of completion. This is particularly relevant for his Social Media Marketing Agency course, which Tai claims will prepare you for a real job in the field of social media. This certificate is not accredited in any way, but it might be of value to potential employers.

Tai has also created something called MentorBox, which is a monthly book subscription with titles from famous entrepreneurs. MentorBox also comes with guides, workbooks, and cheat sheets to help you absorb the lessons from the books without needing to actually read them. MentorBox includes works from authors like Arianna Huffington, Sten Morgan, and Ryan Holiday.

Is Tai Lopez a Scammer?

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez isn't a scammer in the sense that he's selling a real product. You can pay to have Tai Lopez as a teacher, and he will show you what he knows. Everything that is listed in the course description is provided upon payment.

With that said, whether Tai's products are worth the money is definitely up for debate. His courses aren't always organized, and he tends to ramble on in many of his videos.

Tai's skill is clearly as a motivational speaker. By the time you're done watching one of his videos, you feel like you can take on the world. But that doesn't mean that he provided real information or that following his steps will really help you make a profit.

So the answer to whether Tai Lopez is a scammer is both a yes and a no. No, he's not lying or breaking the law. Yes, what he's doing might be considered to be a Tom Vu-style scam. It's really up to you to decide if it's worth it to pay $500 or more for access to one of his courses.

Where Tai Clearly Excels

If Tai Lopez is good at one thing, it's marketing.

It's true that a Tai Lopez course doesn't contain a lot of information. Sure, there might be hundreds of videos, but they're unlikely to say anything concrete. And yet, despite the fluffy nature of his content, Tai has managed to gain massive personal wealth and interact with some of the biggest celebrities in the nation.

Tai Lopez

This is because Tai is good at getting and keeping attention. He knows how to create videos that people actually click on. He creates compelling calls to action that simply can't be resisted. And even if he only gets a fraction of his audience to actually purchase his courses, he still makes hundreds or even thousands of dollars from every successful sale.

From this angle, Tai Lopez makes an interesting mentor figure. You can learn a lot by studying how he sells his courses. He's been interviewed by David Letterman, and his TEDx Talk still circulates online.

Tai Lopez

Tai also maintains an active online presence and never lets his followers go a day without hearing from him. He'll run giveaways on his Instagram account, publish clips from his courses, and generally find creative ways to drum up more attention.

In Tai's business, attention is the secret to success. He may or may not share that information in his courses, but his strategy is obvious from the outside. And if his net worth says anything, it must be working for him.

Final Opinion

So, should you go ahead and purchase a Tai Lopez course? It's really up to you. He's definitely got a certain something, or he wouldn't be as financially successful as he is.

Tai Lopez is not a scammer. He can probably be best categorized as a keynote speaker or an entrepreneurial mentor. Some people really succeed when they have direct access to a mentor, and Tai Lopez is willing to offer that service.

However, $500 is a lot to ask for a series of motivational videos. Tai's actual products don't come with a lot of actionable content. You might get the same effect by following his social media and enjoying the free videos that he occasionally posts online.

Overall, Tai Lopez is a fairly average motivational speaker with a positive message and a decent product. If you really need help getting your career off the ground, Tai might have the magic that you're looking for. But if you have something else to spend that $500 on, keep the money, and check out Tai's Instagram instead.


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