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SEO. It's something you've heard of. Perhaps it's even something you've ignored. Chances are, if you haven't given Search Engine Optimization a second thought, you're missing out on huge e-commerce returns.

In today's age, it's vital for every competent online marketer to get well-versed with SEO. Simply put, SEO is a blanket term for the strategies used to increase the number of visitors to a website by shooting for a high ranking in the search results page.

Though SEO may seem simple, it's painfully easy for most inexperienced marketers to get the practice dead wrong. By investing in an online course, you might just save yourself the hours of frustration caused by improper use of SEO techniques.

Luckily for you, I'm going to flesh out your understanding of SEO and point you in the direction of some fantastic SEO courses.

The Ins and Outs of Search Engine Optimization

SEO: A Brief History

Search Engine Optimization was first introduced in the early nineties. During this time, the world's first website was launched and, soon enough, search engines were created in response.

However, it was only in 1997 that SEO really took off with the advent of Google. Marketers quickly took to figuring out what made website rankings tick, stuffing their pages with keywords, links, and advertisers.

Over the past decade, SEO has transformed into a much more complex beast. Google algorithms shifted to reward content that provided the most relevant information and kept page viewers interested for longer durations of time.

Now, the practice of SEO involves using ethical optimization to provide searchers with the content that they actually need. Marketers are forced into a position where they must actually provide real value to the viewer; otherwise, they could get dinged by the search engine.

SEO now encompasses an umbrella of techniques, strategies, and heuristics that guide marketers closer to their target markets.

How Does SEO Work?

Though SEO seems complicated, it simply involves changing website design, terms, and content to make it more attractive to search engine algorithms. The hope of good SEO is that your website gets as close to the top result of a search as possible.

So, how do search engines like Google and Yahoo rank websites? In order to deliver relevant content to the searcher, Google will scan or "crawl" through sites to build a syntactic and semantic understanding of the site's content.

The search engine will gradually organize pages based on their relevant keywords, content, and phrases.

Of course, SEO isn't just about using the right keywords in the right places. A whole host of meta description, tags, sub-headings, internal links, and even image locations can all play into your site's relevancy.

Ultimately, this is why it's important for all online marketers to develop a refined understanding of best SEO practices. Optimizing your website's content can be a complex and often needlessly confusing process.

According to experts, there are nine major skillsets digital marketers need to optimize their use of SEO:

  • Improve user experience through decreasing click-throughs needed to get to relevant search
  • Integrate Google voice search into your site.
  • Focus on topic grouping rather than individual keywords.
  • Build backlinks or inbound links, which link from one page to the next.
  • Optimize site content with mobile responsive design.
  • Provide detailed and in-depth content.
  • Target local clients with location-specific landing pages and service listing advertisers.
  • Use Google Analytics to measure SEO efficacy.
  • Introduce embedded Youtube videos into your site.

Reviews of the Best SEO Courses

Below, every SEO Course has been selected for its high quality, customer approval, conceptual depth, and accessibility. No matter what course you opt for, you can flesh out your understanding of the most important factors underlying twenty-first century marketing.

Traffic Tsunami

Traffic Tsunami is far above the other SEO courses on the list.

The SEO portion of this course is headed by Greg Morrison who has been in the business for over 15 years now. With over 1,000 success stories from his students, he has shown not just his search engine optimization works but that he is able to teach it effectively.

He has created one section in Traffic Tsunami that is called the SEO bible.

This section goes through his search engine optimization techniques from beginning to end. This includes the very most beginner techniques all the way to advanced techniques.

But what REALLY sets this course aside is that you get to see the SEO in ACTION.

There is an "over the shoulder series" (OTS series) where Greg shows from beginning to end how he ranks an affiliate website that is projected to do $5,000+ a month in profit.

And he starts at the very beginning, registering the domain. He then takes you through keyword research, content planning, article templates for writers, where to get the writers, how to write yourself effectively if you choose to, link planning, link execution, competitor research, constant ranking & income updates and a whole lot more. In total there is over 15 hours of content in JUST the OTS series.

And this isn't the first OTS that Greg has done, this is now his 4th over the shoulder website, where he showed how he built and ranked the website from beginning to end.

That is one of the reasons his students are so successful. They don't just get taught SEO. They get taught SEO...then they get it SHOWN IN ACTION which builds confidence and solidifies the search engine optimization style and techniques that Greg teaches.


  • Taught by long term and well known "SEOer" Greg Morrison who has over 1,000 success stories from his students.
  • His SEO bible is included which shows you his unique SEO style from beginner to advanced.
  • Over the shoulder series where you see his unique SEO style IN ACTION.
  • How to approach both local and affiliate search engine optimization.
  • Bi-weekly webinars from Greg on SEO.
  • Traffic Tsunami also covers Youtube, PPC, & tons of client stuff from 2 other experts in those fields.


  • More expensive than other courses, for good reason.
Wealthy Affiliate


  • Offers holistic lesson plan for everything e-commerce related.
  • Clients learn how to cut production costs for product delivery in addition to SEO

With resources like Wealthy Affiliate, it's never become easier to become a freelancer or entrepreneur. Though it may seem that many online businesses fail, the primary reason is due to poor preparation. Knowing the right products, marketing tools, and key terms are vital to company success.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one toolset that allows you to build beautiful, profitable websites right away. It only takes a matter of minutes to craft a site that is rich with content, mobile-friendly, and ready for e-commerce.

As a secure hosting platform, Wealthy Affiliate is powerful enough to optimize content for the most search engine friendly design.

Moreover, the platform provides step-by-step, easy to follow lesson plans to teach you about traffic techniques. You can utilize the best practices, techniques, and strategies to drive consistent client view traffic to your site.

It's estimated that Wealthy Affiliates dominates the top pages of 3.75 billion Google searches. No matter your online content, the platform allows you to seamlessly integrate top advertisers onto your site.

As a member, you can choose from thousands of different services to advertise on your site, without needing additional inventory, shipping, or support.

Without over a million active customers and fourteen years in business, Wealthy Affiliates provides a robust toolset for all modern digital marketers. With unique web hosting capabilities and step-by-step lesson plans, the service integrates the tools needed for success.

If you're not convinced, start with the free month-long trial that can be cancelled with one click at any time. This should be enough time for you to observe how traffic, engagement, and revenue changes over time on your online platform.


  • Lessons are presented in easy to follow step-by-step format.
  • Automates the process of top ranking on Google searches.
  • Proven successful by other satisfied entrepreneurs.


  • Some state monthly pricing for the Wealthy Affiliate service is not intuitive
Learn SEO for 2020: SEO for Beginners - SEO Tutorial


  • Lifetime access for one time payment.
  • Official certificate provided upon your successful completion of the course.
  • Features hours of step-by-step tutorials for SEO.

The Learn SEO for 2020 course is a simple to follow, lightweight course that's perfect for beginners. Purely requiring internet access, all individuals at any level of experience are invited to nail the basics of SEO.

The entire course includes: hours of on-demand video, two downloadable resources, lifetime access, one mobile platform, and a certificate of completion.

In short, the course is meant to teach complete beginners how to develop sites that are completely Google search optimized.

Using only free tools, it's possible to get a simple webpage on the first page of a Google search within three months of creation.

By generating laser-focused keywords and integrating Latent Symantic Indexing (LSI), amateurs can learn everything that underlies the Google search engine.

In addition to SEO, students will learn how to use WordPress, install the right plugins, and generate unique posts incredibly quickly.

With several thousand satisfied students enrolled, this inexpensive and highly accessible course has quickly risen through the ranks.

If you're already familiar with the basics, you should know that this course may too slowly paced for you. Some complain that it's difficult to stay engaged when the instructor goes over basic subjects.


  • Easy to follow and accessible enough to use tips right away.
  • Conveys wide range of knowledge related to SEO, WordPress, and quick content generation for marketers.
  • Very cost effective and lifetime access is provided once purchased.


  • May be too simplistic for advanced internet e-commerce marketers.
SEO Course for Intermediates


  • Provides step-by-step instructions for using Google Analytics.
  • Optional written materials outlines how to use SEO in a professional management environment.
  • Content is broken up into manageable, bite-sized pieces.

Chock full of insightful educational material, the SEO course for Intermediate students provides more in-depth information about digital marketing.

Unlike beginner courses, this resource is structured into four manageable chunks about more difficult material to master. Students will learn how to build SEO action plans, use SEO in a professional marketing environment, dig into Google Analytics, and identify strategic SEO.

Additionally, the course contains extra written resources and optional tutorials for the more interested students.

New users would likely not be benefitted from this course, since it is geared more towards proficient online marketers. Additionally, the course is somewhat smaller in educational scope than other services.


  • Great for more advanced students looking for total SEO mastery.
  • Wholly focused on SEO generation and using advanced Google Analytics tools.


  • Not suited for beginning marketers or those who haven't mastered SEO basics.
  • Provides limited insight into other marketing subjects.
Yoast SEO Master Course: WordPress SEO


  • Teaches students about specific Yoast plugin in tandem with SEO.
  • Full lifetime access guaranteed upon purchase.
  • Meant for those with existing WordPress sites.

The Yoast SEO courses allows users to improve their WordPress search engine optimization. Regardless of your experience level, the Yoast invites those with knowledge of WordPress to fully optimize their existing site.

In contrast with other services, Yoast supplies you with the tools you need to optimize your existing site right away. Students will learn how to properly configure the Yoast plugin, optimize content for SEO, and increasing existing traffic organically to their WordPress site.

For those who don't know, Yoast is one of the most popular open-source plugins for the WordPress software. It handles all aspects of technical optimization and assists in improving your content.

Ultimately, this course is best for those that want to master Yoast in addition to SEO. Through learning this particular plugin, WordPress users will be able to design their personal in a way to drive consistent traffic.

Former students appreciate the crisp, clear instruction provided by the course teacher. According to her clients, the instructor is always up for continuing dialogue, answering questions, and pointing you in the direction of additional SEO resources.


  • Positive and friendly instructor environment.
  • Users get in depth insight into WordPress SEO.
  • Great for producing immediate results in improved SEO.


  • May be unhelpful for those who don't use the Yoast plugin already.


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