Markethero Review

Markethero Review

Have you ever longed for an email marketing tool that will make campaigns simple without cluttered features? Many small business owners aren't sure how to manage their subscriber lists or grow a consumer base through email.

Markethero aims to make email management easy, so you can spend a few minutes on it and then return to what you do best.

Because of the simplistic interface, Markethero doesn't have the same robust suite of features that many other products do. But if you optimize it to suit your needs, it's an affordable means of increasing your conversion rates.

I've taken a look at how Markethero compares to the competition so you can decide whether it's the right solution for your business.


  1. 1
    The campaign system is centered around sales, aiming to increase conversion rates while providing ongoing metrics to let you know how each email impacts your profits.
  2. 2
    The program can be integrated with common communication and e-commerce apps like Facebook Messenger and Shopify.
  3. 3
    Each lead has a calculated return-on-investment number, which you can filter to see where you're getting the biggest successes and failures.
  4. 4
    Leads have cookies generated with each email, allowing you to track individual users across multiple devices.
  5. 5
    Sales tracking can be completed by copying and pasting a conversion code onto your web pages, so no complicated third party integration is necessary.
  6. 6
    You can build emails and automation processes through drag-and-drop interfaces.
  7. 7
    The in-depth metrics are easy to understand and analyze even if you don't have any marketing or analysis background.

The Basics of Markethero

Markethero is an email marketing company founded by Alex Becker that's been operating since 2015. Alex Becker has a background in SEO, programming, and technology. He created Markethero as a sales-centric email marketing alternative for e-commerce websites.


Because Markethero fits a specific niche, you might not find the features you're looking for if you're not an e-commerce business. But for those who are, certain integrations and analytics features set the program significantly apart from the competition.

Pricing Packages

Markethero can be purchased on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Each rate is determined by the number of subscribers on your mailing list. Monthly dues are as follows:

  • $19 for less than 1,000.
  • $49 for 3,000 or less.
  • $99 for 7,500 or less.
  • $129 for 10,000 or less.
  • $299 for 25,000 or less.
  • $549 for 50,000 or less.
  • $800 for 75,000 or less.
  • $950 for 100,000 or less.
  • Individual negotiation for more than 100,000.

Paying on an annual basis gets you a discount of 15 percent.

You can also access a free trial to determine whether you like the interface and features available. The trial does have a mailing limit, but it lets you access all of the features and data analytics available.

Email Automation

Markethero has an email automation system, though it is a little more limited than you'll find with other platforms. You can personalize emails for your consumers based on things like the number of emails opened, the number of links clicked, or the products that have been purchased.


The system also analyzes your past emails to determine which have the best conversion rates. It will then choose templates based on the emails that have been proven the most successful for your business. This takes a lot of the hassle out of analyzing data and determining the best templates on your own.

Return-On-Investment Tracking

One of the potential issues with ROI tracking is that it tends to be based on cookies. That means that if a subscriber reaches your website from different devices, they may be logged as two different people.

Markethero eliminates this issue by gathering new cookies each time one of your consumers opens an email from a new device. That way, you retain accurate subscriber data if a person visits your website or opens your emails from their phone, home computer, tablet, work computer, and any other devices.


This also makes the sales and conversion tracking features more accurate.

Another feature that sets Markethero apart is that you can integrate an existing autoresponder into the software. You don't need to restart your email marketing process from scratch. By copying and pasting the code, you can continue using all of the unique data and automation in your old autoresponder program.

The ROI system keeps track of the cost of each individual lead over time. For example, if a lead is no longer buying products, their value will degenerate. But for every new purchase, an individual lead's ROI will increase.

You can use system tagging to compute the value of leads that bought something alone, rather than leads who haven't yet made a purchase. This helps you to know exactly how much money an average purchase is bringing in when compared to the amount spent on email marketing.

Large Scale Automation

Markethero has a more comprehensive automation system for interacting with consumers than nearly any of the competition.


Just a few of the unique communication features include:

  • Creating customized ads regarding a consumer's personal requests.
  • Reading and replying to clients in real time.
  • Tagging different segments to isolate customers based on their purchase habits.
  • Replying to customers regarding specific products they bought.

In addition, the system will keep track of which consumers reply to your emails with inquiries for more information. It will tag and segment these people so you can keep them engaged in the future.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a system used by eighty percent of internet consumers. There are a number of automation bots that can integrate with the program, but it's rare to find any that are as comprehensive as Markethero.


The messenger-based autoresponder in Markethero allows for maximum conversion of the consumers who reach your subscriber list through Facebook.

After integrating your company's Facebook page with your Markethero account, the program will walk you through building an automated network using Messenger.


Markethero integrates with Shopify and is specifically geared to increase Shopify revenue for e-commerce clients.


If you use Shopify, Markethero will compile your entire sales history and provide real-time data regarding your email campaign's impact. You can also receive information about each individual consumer. By using Shopify's data, e-commerce customers can:

  • Send emails reminding users with abandoned carts to complete their purchase.
  • Upsell additional products based on current or past purchases.
  • Downsell more inexpensive products to consumers who have expressed interest but declined your more pricey offers.

Analyzing Metrics

The dashboard will give you real-time updates regarding the performance of your email campaigns. By clicking on each category, you can get a more in-depth breakdown of the numbers and what they mean for your future marketing endeavors.

Some basic metrics included are:

  • Total number of emails opened.
  • Total links clicked.
  • Total number of emails successfully sent versus bounced.
  • Total click-through rate.
  • Rate of unsubscriptions.
  • Any existing spam complaints.

You're also given basic information regarding how to improve the good numbers and minimize the bad ones.

The program will analyze your sales and tell you exactly how much money you're making:

  • For every click.
  • For every opened email.
  • For every total email sent.

This gives you a detailed measure of your return-on-investment for different marketing categories without you needing to hunt.

In addition, you can use filters to get more specific data about different categories. For example, you might break down your demographics based on their location, age, or gender to see what kind of return-on-investment you're getting. This gives you a better scope on how to target marketing.

Pros and Cons


  • The interface is sale-centric, making many of the features indispensable to e-commerce websites.
  • The program is designed for beginners and those without a lot of time on their hands, so navigating different tools isn't difficult.
  • The features are geared toward not just maintaining subscribers, but also toward growing your subscriber lists and sales.


  • Because the interface is so simple, you don't get the same complex automation options that competing email programs offer.

Final Considerations

For people who have been seeking a simple email marketing tool to help with their e-commerce business, Markethero might be just what you've been looking for. It's targeted toward subscriber growth and increased conversion rates, and it lets you track exactly how your emails are impacting sales.

Just keep in mind that the automation software isn't very complex, so you can't personalize your campaigns to the same extent that some other programs offer. The features also aren't best optimized for individuals who aren't trying to drive product sales.


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