Leadpages Review

Leadpages Review

How much time and energy have you sunk into building a website that converts leads into sales? Maybe you're a small business owner filling a local niche, or maybe you're trying to connect with international clientele. Owning a small business is hard enough without all the hassle of creating effective marketing tools from scratch.

Leadpages is a landing page and sales funnel builder that helps small business owners generate strong leads that can be converted into sales. The company's tools have been used to build the websites of more than 40,000 small businesses. I investigated to see whether the tools really are as good as they say, and whether the price point is worth it.


  1. 1
    Leadpages comes equipped with tools to help you build websites, landing pages, alert bars, and pop-up forms integrated with multiple data analytics tools.
  2. 2
    The websites built come with free hosting, SEO settings, an automatically-generated site map, and mobile-responsive menus.
  3. 3
    Free virtual workshops are offered along with a setup support call, complete owner's manual, and ongoing email and chat support.
  4. 4
    The company allows for custom branding, customized templates, and the use of marketing tools like countdown timers and social media share buttons.
  5. 5
    Multiple conversion tools are available including clear return-on-investment analysis, opt-in phone text campaigns, email links, and real-time conversion data.
  6. 6
    The interface allows quick page building, lead notifications, and previews for different specific devices before your work goes live.

Basic Overview

Leadpages is a company built around the idea that you shouldn't need a marketing degree or years of coding experience to build a web presence that functions. The product allows small business owners to create and launch websites, test different marketing approaches, track sales and conversion data, and launch marketing campaigns.


There are a few different pricing packages. For building a website alone, you can pay a flat fee starting at fifteen dollars. To access the rest of the considerable arsenal of available tools, you'll pay a subscription on a monthly or annual basis.

Each of the subscription packages gives you access to a different number of features. The pricing remains the same regardless of how your traffic and sales grow, so you don't have to worry about the tool costing you more in the future.

Building Interface

The actual structure of the interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to build and test pages before sending them live. A subscription comes with five free sub-accounts that can be linked to the main account. You also get automatic saving, drag-and-drop webpage building tools, a built-in file hosting system, easy-edit image library, and fast page loading speed.


The interface has a few preview tools that you can use when building your online presence. A custom social media preview lets you control the ways that content displays across multiple different social media networks. There's also a device-specific preview that will let you preview how content looks across standard screen sizes of phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Also part of the interface are form fields that can be customized and hidden. This allows you to automatically gather whatever specific data points you need and forward it to your content system or email service. You have access to unlimited traffic, leads, and page publishing. All pages are automatically SEO-friendly and integrated with third-party analytics.

Conversion Tools

Conversion tools are used to drive customer engagement. The goal of conversion tools is to bring customers from clicking on your content to purchasing your product or service. You can create ten total opt-in text message campaigns to send interested individuals the opportunity to subscribe to an email list.


Also part of Leadpages is the return-on-investment data. The product gives you a clear summary of your data regarding your marketing budget, online presence, and where you're generating hits and leads. By using this information, you can optimize your online strategy to get the most consumer engagement for your dollar.

You can build exit intent pop-ups into pages, which show up when users go to exit the page. Another tool is the use of trigger links, which allow people to opt into subscriber lists or events with a single click. You're given real-time analytics and optimization tips regarding your data, with the capability of integrating third-party analysis tools.

There are unlimited opportunities to run A/B testing on your landing pages to determine which version better engages consumers. You also get unlimited pop-up creation opportunities and unlimited alert bars.

Designs and Templates

One of the biggest appeals of Leadpages is the wealth of design and template resources. You don't have to have any background in graphic design or web development to create a functional, mobile-responsive website. On top of that, the available templates are customizable enough to keep your landing pages from looking generic.


Shutterstock Premium images can be purchased from the Leadpages account, allowing you access to thousands of stock photos. There's also a built-in icon library that allows for easy customization of icons and graphics. The conversion-optimized page templates can be chosen and built without any coding knowledge. Even ground-up designs can be created from scratch with no coding knowledge.

You can save your company's brand colors to make the branding process faster when picking your page layouts. Every page can be customized with the logo of your brand. Pages can also have their colors, fonts, and other attributes changed easily through your page style settings.


If you do have coding experience, customized JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can be added to the templates. With the device-specific display feature, you can choose to customize different sections to display differently on mobile and laptop.

Also integrated into the design options are more ways to drive traffic. You can include social media sharing buttons on your pages, create customized thank you letters, or embed video directly into the webpages. Section links can be used to make scrolling to specific parts of pages easier.

Support Resources

When you first make your purchase, you'll have a one-on-one call with a Leadpages technician who will guide you through the account setup process. They'll answer any questions you have, explain how to use the interface, and offer advice for how to optimize the features to your benefit.


There are also free virtual workshops available through the Leadpages network. These seminars focus on different aspects of marketing and design, providing professional insight into how to drive the best business results. A complete owner's manual is also available, which comes with multiple step-by-step articles for using features.

If you're struggling to use any of the features, Leadpages has technical teams available to help through chat, phone, and email. The level of accessibility depends on what plan tier you purchase. Every week, there are live group coaching sessions to offer further marketing insights.

Integrated Data Analytics

There are more than forty specific sales tools that Leadpages can connect with. Also available are advanced network integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot. The Zapier integration feature lets you generate leads and then allow the data to integrate with more than 1,000 apps. Email services can also be integrated to easily manage subscriber lists.


Webpage Publishing

A Leadpages subscription comes with a free domain and web hosting. You can also connect your account to any third-party domains that you use, even if they aren't hosted through Leadpages. With the product's flexible publication options, you can create content for both your Leadpages and third party domains.

Publishing your newly-designed landing pages can be done using a WordPress plugin. This simple interface eliminates the need for a CNAME setup or DNS record. A Leadpages account allows you unlimited page publishing to your existing domains and to your free Leadpages domain, so you don't have to worry about running your fees up.

Pros and Cons


  • The product lets you build a website and create marketing campaigns without needing any prior web development experience.
  • You can use the market research and data to do testing and determine what approaches generate better lead conversion.
  • Leadpages takes care of the hosting, building, growth, and function of your website, including letting you sell products and accept payments through the site.


  • For ongoing access to the marketing tools, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee rather than a flat website building fee.

Final Considerations

Leadpages is a product that helps you do everything that a larger company would pay a web development and marketing firm for. It gives you all the market research, website building, and campaign creation tools that professionals use to stay on the edge of the competition.

Because you're handling everything yourself, you have total creative control and only pay a fraction of the cost of a market research team. As long as you choose the package whose features will most benefit you, the cost is definitely worth the return on investment in the long run.


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