Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum

My husband and I have been selling on our spare time online at Amazon over the past couple of years, and we owe it all to Jim Cockrum. At first, we really had no idea what we were doing. Amazon was a new arena to us.

However, thanks to Jim Cockrum’s crash course on the Amazon platform, we were taught not just how to do things BUT to do them right for our optimal performance. The course is called the Proven Amazon Course. Hundreds of thousands of people like us have taken Jim’s legit class, and they have also moved on to make money successfully after its completion.

Our Personal Testimony

We really respect Jim Cockrum, though don’t have a personal relationship with the man. We value him because we are able to live a comfortable life because of the lesson he has imparted. We really love this Proven Amazon Course or PAC since it taught us numerous things like how to take the best pictures, so we can showcase our products in the best possible way.

Our favorite lessons among many others in Jim’s PAC were how to craft our listings and protect ourselves from fraudsters. Both are essential tools to learn because you need to maximize the words you use to set yourself apart from your competitors. Next, with so many hackers and scammers out there, we personally really needed all the tips we can get to protect our online business.

Although we have no relationship with Jim Cockrum, and this is certainly not his paid post, we feel compelled to write about this angel who got us started on what we call our amazing Amazon journey. Things really would have been a struggle if we did not use his course. We are writing this so that many other looking for an income stream or a side hustle won’t be afraid of venturing out here on Amazon.

It’s a pretty great marketplace that will earn you well-enough, so it can be both a main income or a side hustle. For us, it has been a great extra gig, and we are enjoying it immensely. With our input, you too can be well on your way to becoming an Amazon premium seller.

Who is Jim Cockrum?

Many of you who do not dabble in the world of online sales and internet marketing will probably raise an eyebrow at that question. Believe us, we did, too, at the start. But after doing Jim Cockrum’s Amazon course review and reading his book, “The Silent Sales Machine”, we can say we truly respect the guy.

Jim Cockrum

His book has been read by almost a million people and his course has been availed of so many times, too. Jim Cockrum’s credentials speak for himself. If you search about the man, hits on the top search engines will include many positive articles about him.

A lot of people thank him for being a trusted Internet Marketer around the globe. Jim Cockrum’s primary objective is to assist other people who have an inclination towards entrepreneurship, so they too can build a sustainable income stream over the world wide web. Jim has been noted for emphasizing that there are numerous opportunities online, which is why you need to know how to leverage the many tools out there.

The main thing we like about Jim is just doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, he walks his talk, making him more credible and believable. Jim Cockrum himself has multiple online income streams. In fact, he had been selling on both Amazon and Ebay since the late 90s.

Jim has his own consulting firm, a publishing corporation, FB community pages, two online membership sites with almost a hundred thousand paid members, and many more. These are called MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com. He earns multi-millions of dollars within a year.

Truly, Jim Cockrum is an amazing man for wanting to share his knowledge to all of us. He could just as easily have kept quiet about his success tips, but he chooses to teach the world for a reasonable price. Today, his Proven Amazon Course has really helped numerous people and their families.

Apart from that, others told us that they are also happy with Jim Cockrum’s e-bay second-hand reselling guide. Apart from that he also offers courses on Facebook marketing, which is now considered another great-selling platform. Finally, Jim’s love affair with business also pushed him to offer courses on the traditional concept of building an offline business.

What is Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course?

We can truly get to know the scope of Jim Cockrum’s handi work if we focus on his most popular offering, the Proven Amazon Course. Personally, this is what we are most familiar with because we were able to use it. Noteworthy, Jim also has his own blog named after, so you can scoot on over there anytime you need inspiration.

Jim Cockrum

What we personally love about his course is that it gets straight to the point. He doesn’t waste our time with tons of frills and fluff. It is pretty clear to us that Jim Cockrum totally understands that we all value our time and we want to be as efficient as possible to maximize our limited number of hours in a day.

Jim’s course teaches all categories from private label, wholesale, and Merch by Amazon. With his premium offerings, you will certainly be able to find the content and life-transforming tips that you’re looking for. You can choose different tiers:

  • Large budget equals wholesale.
  • Median funds can do private-label from China.
  • Small or limited budget can do Merch as it allows you to design stuff that Amazon can print and send to clients, with you getting a royalty for each sale.

The best part, the PAC offered by Jim is very affordable compared to the others who have just sprouted but cost twice as much. Thus, it is not surprising at all why he has numerous students from various parts of the world. Example countries are the US, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, and more.

Actual PAC Content

If we get down to the nitty-gritty of Jim Cockrum’s course, it will take us a long time to flesh each one out. Suffice it to say that his lessons have been crafted in order to aid you in building a proper online business. Below are the very brief descriptions of his lessons:

  • Doing Amazon listings right.
  • How to take proper photos.
  • Getting legit product reviews.
  • Avoiding scams and frauds.
  • How to build a relationship with suppliers abroad.
  • Protecting your interests with trademarks.
  • Post-sales services.
  • And many more…

When we think about it, what we have learned from the Proven Amazon Course can be applied to many other things. It’s not just made for Amazon, which makes it a totally sound investment. We love that Jim doesn’t hard-sell to get clients, but if you do avail of his services, you will get unparalleled support.

Furthermore, we love that Jim Cockrum has an Annual Proven Conference that’s been built to help all of us network. Each conference gives us access to join developmental workshops, meet possible suppliers, and more.

Impressive Student Success

Count us in as one of the happy and successful students of Jim Cockrum. There are many of us out here, and we know this for a fact because we have met many of them in the conferences that we attended. Jim Cockrum’s students, now turned self-confessed fans, cannot help but hold him in high-esteem because he has indeed transformed all our lives for the better.

Upon our further research, we came up with some very astounding facts about Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course. Here they are:

  • The PAC has ten times more success stories and satisfied clients than the other competing course out there.
  • Jim Cockrum’s course is practically a steal, being a tenth in price of the other big-hyped courses offered out there. Getting this is really a no-brainer.
  • Many people credit this course for helping sell a massive amount of top selling products on Amazon. This includes the number one Best Selling Toys.
  • Data indicates that Jim has a lot more experience compared with the other internet marketing gurus out there.

Without a doubt, just like us, you can also be a successful Amazon seller by taking up Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course. He has laid out all the foundation in an easy to use setup. All you really have to do now is take your chance on his offer.

Bottom Line

If you’re finally ready to start your online journey as an entrepreneur, equip yourself for a battle within a marketplace full of competitors. Hone those skills with the right tools like the Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course. Even if you’ve already started your online journey, it is never too late to take a refresher, especially if you’re feeling a little lost or you need a boost of inspiration.


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