Instapage Review

Instapage Review

Do you ever feel like you're just not getting enough effectiveness from your ad campaigns? Do you wonder whether there's an easier way to maximize your return-on-investment? Ad spending can be a chore, especially if you're not confident that your landing pages are strong enough to generate consumer interest.

For small business owners, directing site traffic to your website may seem like an enigmatic process. The larger enterprises have entire teams of web developers and market researchers. When you're an individual with a limited budget and no marketing degree, the prospect of creating effective internet content is daunting.

Enter Instapage. This cloud-based service is designed with the goal of converting more of your advertising clicks into sales. In fact, the company states that you can get up to four times as much consumer engagement for the same amount of ad spending.


The company makes internet marketing accessible to small business owners by automating each stage of the advertising process. From the first ad campaign planning to the creation of landing pages and individually customized experiences, the purpose of Instapage is to give you an edge over the competition in today's fast-paced market.

For those running larger companies, there are also collaborative services that allow you to optimize workflows with multiple advertising team members. An enterprise package gives you Professional Services team member access, advanced advertising features, and a Customer Success management tool.


  1. 1
    The service includes ad campaign mapping, landing page creation, user personalization, ad testing, and collaborative software for multiple team members.
  2. 2
    Solutions are available for driving leads, sales, retargeting, Google ads, Facebook ads, and display ads.
  3. 3
    The overall conversion rate is an average of 16 percent, as opposed to a 4 percent conversion rate for the average industry.
  4. 4
    Every ad campaign comes with visuals that help you determine where you should be targeting your click ads, along with the pages you should be attaching them to.
  5. 5
    It's possible to create customized landing pages that are both mobile-responsive and optimized for conversion without needing to hire a web developer.

Instapage Overview

Ad Mapping

The company's ad mapping program is the first step for optimizing your advertising experience. It allows you to better target your consumers and give them personalized experiences that answer their questions and target their needs. Ads can be connected to their relevant landing pages to drive consumer engagement.

This feature works especially well with people who already have an existing ad structure. Rather than needing to build a new structure from the ground-up, you can import your existing information. It will be displayed in visual graphs and aids so that you can easily identify points where improvement is possible.


The ad mapping software allows you to do the following:

  • Get a birds-eye visual look at your ad campaigns and consumer interest.
  • Make sure that ads are bringing consumers to relevant pages for their interests.
  • Automate the ad-to-landing-page process so you don't need to assign every ad a relevant landing page manually.
  • View real-time updates on how changes are affecting your ad campaign's effectiveness.
  • Get automatic updates on the connections and efficiency between Instapage and different ad platforms.

The visual mapping includes visual layouts of your overall campaigns, individual ads, and groups of ads. It also includes the landing pages that each ad or ad group links to. In addition, the software calculates a PostClick score, which tells you how well your landing pages meet the interests of those clicking your ads.


You can connect existing landing pages to existing ads. You can also create entirely new landing pages directly from the AdMap software to meet the needs of the consumers engaging with your advertisements. Instapage synchronizes with your preferred ad platform, which means that you don't need to update both areas manually.

The software makes it easier to streamline your campaign building, especially for visual thinkers. It also makes it easier to identify places where personalized pages can draw in a greater consumer base. With the PostClick score, you can increase your overall conversion rates and return-on-investment.

Landing Pages

One of the most important features of Instapage is its ability to create landing pages. It only takes a few minutes to create mobile-responsive pages that are automatically optimized for conversion. This is a solid way to give people with limited budgets and no web developers an edge over their competitors.


With the landing page building software, you can do the following:

  • Spend just minutes on creating and updating your advertising landing pages.
  • Use the collaborative feature to streamline the content creation process among multiple marketing team members.
  • Integrate whatever marketing tools and analytics you're already using.
  • Use the customizable formatting to drive lead conversion.
  • Use the customizable design features to create pages with your logo, brand colors, and other branding visuals.

You can scale your content creation by using page blocks that can be saved, reused, and globally updated. There are more than ninety fully customizable templates available that already use mobile-responsive features, so you don't need any prior knowledge of coding.

The landing pages have built-in AMP support, which allows you to deliver an easy-to-navigate page for mobile users. In addition, Instapage uses Thor Render Engine to allow fast page loading speeds regardless of the end user's internet connection or data usage.

The builder creates pages with simple drag-and-drop features, which means that anybody can create aesthetically pleasing and high-conversion pages. You can save design features to keep pages consistent and on brand. A free trial is available to see whether you like the builder, or you can request a demonstration.

Personalized Customer Experiences

One area in which Instapage excels is helping you create customized consumer experiences. The intuitive tools analyze whether your landing pages are meeting the specific needs of those clicking on your advertisements. The more personalized the landing page, the higher your rates of conversion.


The personalization tools allow you to:

  • Create virtually infinite consumer experiences for every landing page.
  • Test variations in your landing pages to see what audience experiences drive the highest conversions.
  • Match each visitor with a landing page experience that meets their exact intention in clicking the ad that brought them there.
  • Gather data about visitors like their demographics and driving keywords.

Personalized experiences draw consumer attention because the content speaks to them. It helps to maximize your ROI and lower your advertising costs, since you don't need as many ads to drive consumer engagement.

Ad testing includes a/b testing and analytic insights. You get insights in real time and can easily send data to marketing teams or developers. There are even heatmaps that let you understand visitor behavior, making a/b testing easy even if you've never done it before.

Collaborative Features

For business owners that have multiple employees working on landing pages, the collaborative features make it easy for everyone to work together. Your designers, content writers, and marketers can all communicate and work on the same page in a streamlined application.


This helps to simplify the review process. Rather than needing to send lengthy emails back and forth, you can offer real-time feedback and resolutions. It also consolidates all the feedback onto one page rather than leaving it scattered across multiple documents and emails.

Landing pages can also be easily and securely shared with your clients. If you're developing a website or another product for a client, their feedback is invaluable throughout the process. The collaboration features let you communicate with them without making your work vulnerable to outside parties.

Enterprise Package

The enterprise package comes with more advanced features and professional access for larger businesses running coordinated campaigns.


Some of the additional features include:

  • Customized fonts.
  • Customer support system.
  • Customized features.
  • Direct lead bypasses.
  • Customized fonts.

Pros  and Cons


  • The programs allow you to more effectively target and interest consumers, leading to up to four times as much engagement.
  • Creating landing pages is quick and easy even if you have no knowledge of coding.
  • You can customize different programs and levels of engagement to suit the size of your business.


  • To get ongoing team access and access to 100 percent of the features, you have to get the more pricey Enterprise package.

Final Considerations

If you're looking for a simple program that makes it easy to create targeted ad campaigns and effective landing pages for your website, you don't need to look any further than Instapage.

Though some of the more advanced advertising features are only available through the Enterprise package, the basic model gives you access to a great deal of resources. Not only can you create targeted ad campaigns and conversion-optimized landing pages, you can also test different ads and create personalized user experiences for different individuals.


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