Frank Kern

Frank Kern

I've been following the "Frank Kern phenomenon," as I like to call it, for several years. During that span of time, I've watched Frank morph from one persona to another, until he's finally arrived at what I think is his "true" personality, namely being the top online marketing guru of gurus, complete with a professional business image, suit jacket, conservative haircut and impeccably designed website.

Frank Kern

When I started out as a part-time "how-to" writer, I gravitated to Frank's story because he had apparently done what I hoped to do: turn informative eBooks into money-making products. This was a guy who was getting it done, and could teach me some profitable tricks. I read his books, watched videos, and even signed up for a webinar about his technique.

If you want to know the true story of Frank Kern and what he's doing today, I'll tell you everything I have learned, the good and the bad, about him and his current line of products. When I was young, people in the Ozarks where I grew up used to jokingly point to the low mountain ranges and say, "There's gold in them thar hills, boy."

What they meant by that over-used phrase was that you could get rich if you knew where to search for the riches, and how to get them out of the ground.

You know what? They were right, but there's a caveat. So let's take a look at Frank Kern's products, his pricing structure and value points. But first, it's probably best to get an idea of who Frank is, where he came from and why he does what he does.

Who is Frank Kern?

Frank Kern

Probably the most efficient and fast way to get a handle on who Frank Kern is, is by simply listing a few key factoids about his business and personal life.

  • As recently as 25 years ago, Frank was homeless and earning $4.95 as a fast-food cook. He bought a "make money on the Internet" course, worked as a door-to-door salesman and took on other odd jobs to slowly build up his net worth.
  • He soon was able to save a tidy sum after learning essential sales methods based on his door-to-door and Internet experience. His main source of income was eBook sales. Amazingly, the eBooks were in areas where he had zero experience. It was his sales and marketing expertise that drove his success and income growth.
  • Frank is married and has three children. After building an enormous reputation as the most visible and successful Internet marketer, he has finally settled into what appears to be the final phase of his business evolution: marketing instructor for business professionals who want to boost their profits.
  • His current website is one of the best of its kind. From it, he sells four different courses aimed at helping different types of entrepreneurs ramp up sales and rake in additional earnings.

What Frank is Selling Today

Frank offers four high-end products at his primary website. All four are detailed, highly participatory courses that teach key marketing skills for anyone who wants to be successful with on online business. In fact, most of the principles Kern teaches could be applied to offline, traditional companies as well. What are the four?

Frank Kern
  • Mass Conversion: This four-week course covers concepts related to designing and creating lead magnets, as well as driving targeted traffic to your site and using automated systems to capture leads. The price is $2,997.
  • Info Business Blueprint: In five weeks, students learn how to create, market and sell digital products. All phases of building a profitable information-based company are covered. Price is $2,997.
Frank Kern
  • Client Acquisition System: This five-week comprehensive course is designed for professional service providers, coaches and consultants. It shows you how to set prices, acquire clients, build a long-term income stream and create a more effective online image. The price is $3,997.
  • Ultimate Webinar Blueprint: In four weeks, students discover how to build top-notch webinars that bring in more clients and help sell just about any kind of product or service. The cost is $2,997.

Is It Worth the Price?

What I like most about Frank Kern is his blatant honesty. He's never tried to hide what his goals are or what he aims to teach. If his system is not your cup of tea, he'd rather just tell you so and move on. There's no "I've gotta convert you to my way of thinking" attitudes.

Frank Kern

In fact, on his LinkedIn page, he says at the very top of his bio section:

  • I don't sell get-rich-quick systems.
  • You won't want my courses if you don't like to advertise.
  • If you want an "easy" approach to earning money, I'd rather not work with you.

That's pretty powerful stuff coming from a guy who carved out his reputation as a "sales god," and literally clawed his way up from the fast-food industry to the top of the Internet consulting field. There's a lesson here for me, as an everyday "how-to" eBook writer: find out what people want and give it to them.

The concept is so strikingly simple that most marketers overlook it.

My own book sales have increased by about 70 percent since implementing Frank's basic principles. But all over the Internet and blogosphere you can find student success stories based on his current course offerings.

Bottom Line

At, Frank's main website, he offers four courses for entrepreneurs. All are priced around $3,000 and last several weeks. They're intensive, daily programs for serious business people who want to learn how to boost sales, discover the right products to sell and market them in exactly the right way.

Some of the world's top Internet marketers attribute their success either wholly or partially to what they learned from Frank Kern. The stellar list includes names like Clay Collins, Brian Dean, Peep Laja, Noah Kagan and Harsh Aggarwal. Actually, there are hundreds of smaller fish in the online sales pond who point to Kern's courses as the springboard that enabled them to develop profitable companies in virtually every market segment from eBooks to beauty products.

Frank has lived what he teaches in terms of over-delivering. Based on student reviews of all four of the courses, the value far exceeds the price you pay. Frank Kern's in-depth tutorials on creating lead magnets and driving traffic, building an information-based business, acquiring clients and selling webinars are the new core of his consulting company. You can sign up for one or more of the programs at his namesake website,


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