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Facebook Ads University

Facebook ads remain a window of opportunity for businesses that have the right products or services. Just 14 years ago, small businesses couldn’t advertise in this manner, so there is a learning curve that business owners have to scale. Some of these entrepreneurs see ads as costly; they may search but won’t find a simpler solution.

With a strong education, you don’t have to spend tremendous money on ad results.

Facebook Ads University

Your Simple Answer—A Thorough Education in Facebook Ads

Your ad costs are immediately reduced if you understand the process of measuring your return on investment. Scaling back the time that it takes to educate yourself should be your first step. This is what I did. You can learn faster through JR Fisher’s very own Facebook Ads University. This online course is a membership program that teaches you all of the core steps and stages behind a successful ad. The rate of return that your business can generate is worth the time.

11 Modules in One, Take-Home Bundle

Members receive their education through private accounts that focus on each stage of running a live ad. This developer has organized its material through a package of slideshows and video recordings. You can also complete each module at your own pace. I was hesitant at first, but realizing the depth of knowledge that makes an ad successful helped me to come around. You need an in-depth education to be fluent in using Facebook to convert your leads into active buyers.

Here are some of the course materials that are covered:

Learning the Needs that People Have

One of the core lessons through Facebook Ads University helps us to find our ideal consumer. Businesses waste time and money when engaging with people who don’t align to their exact product solution. This online course teaches you about the needs of your leads and how they are likely to respond to your message. Your consumer research guides you as you take the required steps to ultimately create a converting ad.

Targeting and Retargeting

Targeting is a detailed feature within Facebook that isolates consumer groups. You decide on who gets isolated. Facebook Ads University helps you to master the targeting tools that Facebook offers. You’ll uncover how FB users leave behind useful information about their interests and tastes. By knowing your leads, which happens through this course, you can easily create an audience based on demographics, likes and the pages they’ve seen.

Setting a Budget and Managing Your Costs

Advertising only works if there’s a budget in place. This course was helpful in getting me to understand how my message and conversions were related. You can learn about how sensitive this budgeting science is. In essence, the more that your prospects engage with your ads, the more that your ads fit them. Adjustments are only necessary if you don’t get the reaction you need. This course teaches you how.

Testing Ads for Conversions

Knowing how to test your ads gives you the ability to manage cost at all stages of your campaigns. Through Facebook Ads University, we learn that our leads are the ones who decide on which message or strategy works best for them. We’re taught how to start with under five dollars, which is enough to get our ads live. The responses that we don’t or do get then gives us insight into the influence behind our work.

Establishing Your Conversion Goals

Not all ads are designed to get people to buy something. You can discover ways of increasing traffic to a blog, getting people to sign a petition or leading viewers to a special webinar you have. By establishing your conversion goals up front, you ensure that the following work aligns to the core needs of your campaigns. You then, through this online course, are taken through the steps that customizes each conversion goal.

Writing Ad Content

Here is where we learn about the time and strategy required to peak our readers’ attention. We take into account the wide spectrum of existing content and how this makes it more difficult to reach our ideal prospects. The solution is to learn and then master effective copywriting. Being persuasive will help you. Taking your time to perfect and proofread your text will elevate you. Soon, you’ll see why a month just to write a few words is necessary.

Formatting Your Landing Page and Forms

Landing pages are where your leads go after clicking the link in your ad. These pages reveal more about your solution and how it works. This page also gives your leads a way to get involved—be it signing up, entering a webinar or visiting another site. The way your landing page is formatted is based on the action that you want your leads to take. You’re then shown how you can adjust your forms to collect the specific data you need.

Competitor Research

The developer of this course uses competitor analysis to give you an advantage over others in your industry.

Learning about your competitors helps you to uncover what actually works within your field. The idea is that each market is unique, and the special challenges that one business faces are the same challenges that others in that field will face. You learn how to do this analysis. When you find out more about your competitors, you learn about where your business fits and which messages are ideal. You also learn about the different strategies in your industry.

Tracking ROI and Core Performance Stats

None of your work makes sense if you don’t know how it’s benefiting you. Tracking performance requires us to first set a few goals. These goals, when set, tell us how close or far off we are. We learn how to do this tracking through the conversion equation taught by Facebook Ads University. Simply put, for the entire population that you target, not all of them will take action. You track your conversions by tallying those who take action.

Understanding the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel captures the psychological stages of the consumer when they’re in the buying process. With this course, we have a chance to uncover what we should present to our leads and when. Knowing how to adapt your ads to your leads can be very helpful. This ability allows you to create more than one ad to accommodate for the different stages of the consumer’s outlook. Our strategic potential increases as a result.

Staying Ethical and Following the Rules

Some marketers have trouble running their ads without being penalized in the process. For this reason, Facebook Ads University teaches us about the common pitfalls that can get our ads deactivated. Too many violations of Facebook’s policies can lead to your account being closed down. Once this happens, no matter how you develop or rearrange your project, you have to make amends with customer service to regain access.

Pros & Cons: The Details that You Need to Know

Facebook ads are statistically effective at closing your leads. Being that you can manage cost, create original content and target specific people establishes some terrific advantages. What you have to truly know is whether or not this system is for you. Running ads through Google AdWords is also a scalable option—as long as you learn the details of presenting your ads through search engines. Going through Facebook Ads University helped me to achieve a great deal.

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons that I concluded during my education:


  • A Faster Way to Learn: Some small businesses underestimate how difficult running ads can be. The strategy, the content and the people that you target all have psychological barriers to get across. This course shortens the learning curve involved.
  • For all Experience Levels: Beginners benefit from this university as much as experienced marketers do. You don’t, however, need any prior experience to make the most of this program.
  • Suitable with any Business Model: The type of business you run or the product you sell aren’t deciding factors. You can use Facebook Ads University to help you to sell whatever you have as a business.


  • It’s Pricey: Spending $1,000 on a course may not be possible for every business owner. You have to decide if the price is justified or if you can put enough money aside for it.
  • It’s Only Ideal for Great Products: I recommend that you avoid this education if you don’t yet have a great product. Ads do work, but the competitive grounds are built on the solution you actually sell. You need a great product prior to making people aware of it.

Scaling Your Work but Maximizing Your Profits

Every business that uses Facebook ads should consider just how competitive the work is. Don’t be fooled into believing that you just need a good image and some text. What a complete education can do for you is worth considering. You’ll scale your labor and avoid the heartaches along the way. When millions of brands have access to advertisement, a solid know-how is how you rise above the noise.


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