Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

The internet can be a daunting place especially for those who think they are not "tech-savvy". As a matter of fact, I myself was not tech-savvy at all, but quickly found out technology is easier to use than most people think. Nowadays everything has a tutorial in which you're guided through each part of the website, software, or app that you use.

Even though this may be true for plenty of software and advertising platforms some of them are still hard to understand unless you buy a course or try to figure it out on your own. I wanted to learn how to launch a Facebook marketing campaign, but all I knew how to do on Facebook was browse it. I am no genius so I browsed online for a course on Facebook ads so I could learn from someone successful.

I bought the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass and so this article will be a review of that class and what it taught me about Facebook Ads. My first mentor told me a very valuable lesson and it states that "you don't know what you don't know because you don't know that you don't even know it." Meaning that right now you don't even know how much doing advertisements on Facebook can help your business.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review

This Masterclass is for those who are looking for a marketing solution to sell their products or services. Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and even owns Instagram as well as WhatsApp which it bought for billions of dollars. This gives Facebook a large footprint on the information of millions of people.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

This is good for marketing and for Facebook to sell its ads. Due to such large amounts of data Facebook and its advertising platform give you so much specific targetting that you can reach thousands of the perfect clients you're looking for. The masterclass will show you how to create target audiences that will actually convert instead of spending money on trying to reach "everyone".

As they say, if your product or service is for everyone then really it is for no one. You have to be specific.

Introducing the Solution

The majority of business owners say their number one problem is not getting enough leads. By using Facebook ads as your main source of marketing you'll be able to not only track leads, but also retarget them outside of Facebook. However, you first have to do a Facebook campaign to get people interested.

The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to create a campaign that converts people who didn't know you existed into loyal customers. The Masterclass has to be experienced by yourself for you to truly go through the steps as the teacher is showing you the screen side-by-side. That way you make no mistakes.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

In the Ninja Masterclass, you will learn how to choose or pinpoint the niche within the niche. This allows you then build the perfect customer persona so as to look at an advertisement through their eyes. For example, if you know that your buyer is an 18-25-year-old male who likes anime and lives in Japan, then you know everyone else doesn't fit these criteria so you'll be targetting very specifically.

The masterclass shows you how to create an ad that looks normal in your feed but still makes people take action. You'll also learn about Facebook pixels and why they are so important. The pixel is basically a piece of code that tracks data from a website or campaign.

This pixel connects your advertisement with the ads platform and the actions that are taken. You can also track specific actions with the pixel to trigger functions depending on what people do. You'll then be able to come back to the Facebook Ads platform to see your click-through rates and lots of other metrics.

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Once you have the ad and target audience in place you will select a budget that starts at $5 per day on Facebook for each advertisement. The masterclass will explain in detail how to know when to stop a campaign and how to A/B split test with different colors, typography, photos, etc. The benefits this course offers are tremendous. Like we mentioned already, Facebook has information on almost every user.

This allows the marketer to target interests, likes, pages, movies, product interests and even cross-section each so that you get an even more targetted audience. What this means is that when selecting your audience's interests you select, for example, both being vegan and liking the wholefoods page. Now you're selecting people who are actually fanatics, meaning your niche is really clear.

People who have used this masterclass to run their businesses, sell products, and get people to events have only positive things to say about it. Not only the class show you how to do the advertisement campaigns, but it tells you why and how it all works. The psychology behind it.

The Masterclass Course

The Ninja Masterclass Course is worth every penny, especially if you're new to digital marketing. The class is divided into six different modules containing more than sixty different lectures explaining everything that goes into Facebook marketing. The first module is a basic introduction of everything that will be taught in the class.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

Here you're shown how to create simple yet powerful ads, you're given a sample sales funnel to follow, how to make your lead magnets to capture leads, and how to optimize the facebook ads platform to lower your costs. You have to know how to manage money if you're going to be a successful entrepreneur. Those who have failed at Facebook ads failed because they blew through their budget super quick.

This course will teach you how to maximize every penny to get leads for cheap. In the class, the presenter, Kevin David, will also touch upon the "herd mentality." This mentality is the way in which people believe that because something worked for one person it can work for another.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

If you go through this course and fail then you may have gone in with the herd mentality. You have to realize that your situation will be different. The things taught in this course are the tactics, you have to go out and execute and do it like you're really running a business, not just a side hustle.

That's why Shopify was trending for a while. Some people made a lot of money because they were actually building businesses, but the majority who just wanted to get rich quick couldn't sustain the momentum and gave up.


  • You get a FREE webinar with lots of information on the course and some tactical information. The preview webinar is great because it's like getting a peek of the course without buying it yet. It solidifies your choice once you do buy it.
  • You have a full refund policy. Yes, if you're not satisfied with the content, structure, or whatever else about the course you will get all your money back guaranteed. There is a small "however" which states that if you watch more than 50% of the course before asking for a refund it will not be granted. Of course, no one wants to create something for others to steal and so watching 50% of a course means you're really serious and don't want your money back.
  • The course instructor Kevin David has a strong marketing background. He actually worked a "real job" at Facebook. Kevin is a Dropshipping Expert and understands YouTube as well so you're getting real-life experience and knowledge from a previous Facebook employee.


  • The only drawback to this course is that you don't have anyone to call or ask for questions if you come across a challenge. The course is also kind of pricey for an entrepreneur with a limited budget, but definitely worth it if you apply the tactics shown.

Final Word

In conclusion in this article, we discussed Kevin David's Facebook Ninja Ads Masterclass and what you'll learn in it. Facebook ads are all about choosing your target audience correctly, setting the right budget, and giving a powerful message that grabs people's attention. The course guides you through each step so you can have success by leveraging the vast data Facebook collects from its users.

You'll learn how to hack the Pixel so you convert more leads. You'll get all the secrets of creating powerful Facebook ads that show up on people's feeds as natural posts. You'll get to see Kevin David create campaigns right on your screen so you can do the same and follow along.

If you're not using Facebook ads as part of your marketing strategy then you're making a big mistake. All it takes is $5 per day to test an advertisement and move on to the next one. Though it sounds easy, that's why most people quit. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, then this course will show you how.


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