Facebook Ad Courses

Facebook Ad Courses

Business owners would be hard-pressed to find a more powerful tool for growing their business than taking advantage of Facebook ads. The instant access to individuals across the globe opens doors that entrepreneurs and business people could only dream about in the past.

The secret to Facebook success is mastering the practice of sending the perfect message to the right people at the most productive time. There are a number of courses available that will help you along the way to developing and mastering this ability.

Best 5: Facebook Ad Courses Review

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

Kevin David's Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is the perfect solution for businessmen and online marketers in need of the instruction necessary to create laser targeted ads for the Facebook platform. David has experienced proven success as a Facebook marketer and there is perhaps no one who possesses more direct experience than David regarding successful Facebook campaigns.

The truth is, it can be difficult to craft a successful Facebook ad campaign. The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is created with the intent to smooth the process for entrepreneurs as they learn the ins and outs of advertising through Facebook. If the words of former and current students are taken into account, it seems Kevin David has accomplished exactly what he set out to do:

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

"Best investment in my life! I have been a member of Kevin's program for nine months and in that time my business has exploded with growth. I have earned $5,400 in sales over the last two days alone."

—Aaron, Amazon FBA Ninjas

"Thanks for a job well done. I am hoping soon to be rid of my cooperate job and lifestyle. This is only possible because of your help."


"Hey Kevin I just wanted you to know your help has allowed me to wake up every day for the last three months and do exactly what I want with my day. I have never experienced such good times. No more depression and excited each time I check my phone and learn I made more money."


These are only a small sample of the daily messages David receives and is confirmation that his efforts are actually helping in the ways he intended.

Course Offerings

The modules that make up the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass and some of the skills you will learn in each module include:

Understanding Facebook Advertisement and What Works

  • Organize and set up ads.
  • Using the exact sales funnel that earned Kevin $1.5 million in profits.
  • Google analytics secret used by Kevin with great results.
  • How to discover and use lead magnets.

Going From Beginner to Facebook Ninja

  • How to set budgets for Facebook ad campaigns.
  • How to scale successful campaigns.
  • When to cut an unsuccessful campaign.
  • How to find the perfect audience.

How to Create Ultra Targeted Audiences

  • How to narrow the audiences that see your Facebook ads.
  • How to create customize audiences with Facebook data.
  • Learn the differences between customized and lookalike audiences.

How to Create Ad Copy That Converts

  • Highlighting the problem that is solved with your product.
  • How to write copy that converts.
  • Understanding both the art and science of Facebook ads.

How to Make Money Without Your Own Product

  • Facebook ads for local business owners.
  • How to make money by helping other business owners.
  • How to make sales even if you are no good at it.
  • Getting results from customers before getting paid.

One Issue That Can Make or Break Your Facebook Ad Campaign

  • The difference between success and failure with Facebook ads.
  • How to lower ad costs while conversions increase.
  • How to find audiences with common interests and traits.

Bonus Courses

  • Facebook ad funnels.
  • Instagram blueprint.
  • How to use messenger bots.

Many people in the know consider Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass to be the top education available for aspiring Facebook ad experts. Kevin David is a Facebook marketer with a half a million students and who has made $10 million from a single sales funnel in his career. There is no better person to teach you the ins and outs of Facebook marketing.

Facebook Ads University

J.R. Fisher created Facebook Ad University to improve the prospects of new and experienced Facebook advertisers alike. The course provides an extensive education into a number of Facebook advertising subjects that include finding an audience, landing pages, writing ad copy, and much more.

Fisher's philosophy is that a well-crafted advertisement targeted to the wrong audience is no more useful than a poorly designed ad aimed at the right group of people. Facebook Ad University solves this problem by teaching students to find suitable audiences for their products and craft the right message for each of these audiences.

Graduates of Facebook Ad University will learn to test the individual variables that make up an ad and will know before making a full commitment that the ad they move forward with is a winner.

The following people can benefit from Facebook Ad University:

  • Marketers of all experience levels.
  • Current business owners.
  • Internet marketers and product launch agencies.
  • Individuals tired of spending money on Facebook ads with no results.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like most things, there are pros and cons associated with Facebook Ad University.


  • Lessons are simple to understand and apply.
  • Practical strategies.
  • Premium software availability at no charge.
  • Shows live advertising campaigns.
  • Access to weekly coaching.


  • Facebook Ad University can be a little expensive for some budgets.
Facebook Ads For Beginners

This course places students on an inside track to dominate one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of online marketers: Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads For Beginners is specifically designed for business owners and marketers just learning about the techniques that will benefit them as they craft Facebook campaigns.

Course Objectives

Students who complete Facebook Ads For Beginners will:

  • Run their own Facebook Ads that generate income and sales.
  • Become adept at identifying their target audience so that only potential customers will see ads and no money is wasted during campaigns.
  • Know exactly how to ensure their ads reach thousands of Facebook users.
  • Create and optimize a Facebook page for business purposes.

Course Content

Facebook Ads For Beginners is delivered in 38 lectures that take a total of just over 4 hours to watch.

  • 1 - Course Preview.
  • 2 - Materials Needed.
  • 3 - Creating an Optimized Facebook Page.
  • 4 - Finding Your Target Audience.
  • 5 - Creating Your First Facebook Ad.
  • 6 - Facebook Video Ads.
  • 7 - Boosting Facebook Pages.
  • 8 - Facebook Tricks and Tips.
  • 9 - Favorite Facebook Tools.
  • 10 - Questions and Answers.


  • Proven methods that work.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Low Cost to Student.


  • Only beneficial to beginners. No help for intermediate Facebook advertisers.
10 Facebook Ads Golden Principles That Make Me 6-Figures

Nik Swami is a successful entrepreneur who owns a group of businesses that earn more than $45,000 per month. A great deal of this money comes from Facebook advertisements. His course, 10 Facebook Ads Golden Principles That Make Me 6-Figures, shares the principles that have facilitated his success with students.

Nik Swami has received incredible reviews for his product while helping more than 15,000 students in over 140 countries.

Course Objectives

Students who graduate from Nik Swami's 10 Facebook Ads Golden Principles That Make Me 6-Figures will be able to:

  • Work with Facebook algorithm.
  • Design winning visuals.
  • Effectively use sales funnels.
  • Effectively launch campaigns.
  • Scale a successful campaign.
  • Comply with strategies implemented by Facebook.

Course Content

10 Facebook Ads Golden Principles That Make Me 6-Figures takes a little more than three hours to watch and is delivered through a total of 12 videos.

  • 1 - Dealing with Facebook's algorithm.
  • 2 - Crafting winning messages.
  • 3 - How to design winning visuals.
  • 4 - Choosing the right audience.
  • 5 - Using effective funnels.
  • 6 - Facebook policy compliance.
  • 7 - How to design the right campaign.
  • 8 - Managing campaign performance.
  • 9 - The correct way to scale a successful campaign.
  • 10 - Following the footsteps of successful advertisers.
  • 11 - Summary and bonus material.


  • Well-delivered coursework.
  • Great Value.
  • Instructor who has proven his methods work.


  • Not best course for complete beginners.
Facebook Advertising Playbook - Build Great Ads & Audiences!

This Facebook Advertising Playbook course is great for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who need to learn the intricacies of Facebook advertising but have limited time to devote to education. Students of this course have benefitted from knowing little to nothing about Facebook ads to being quite knowledgeable within a couple of hours.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to utilize Facebook ads.
  • Business owners who desire to increases sales through Facebook.
  • Business owners who want to find Facebook members that fit their target audience.
  • Business owners who have not yet used Facebook ads.

Course Content

The Facebook Advertising Playbook is available in 7 video series that is one hour and 23 minutes long.

  • 1 - Navigating Facebook Ads Manager
  • 2 - Building an Audience From Scratch.
  • 3 - Cloning Audiences and Developing a Mailing List.
  • 4 - Build an Audience More Likely to Interact With You.
  • 5 - How to Boosts Posts.
  • 6 - How to Run a Great "Likes" Program.
  • 7 - Continuing Education.


  • Simple and entertaining delivery.
  • Learn directly from successful Facebook Ad user.
  • Low cost to students.


  • Not as thorough as some of the other options.


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