Email Autoresponders

Email Autoresponders

When I first started out with my blog, I had no idea what I was doing. I was a good writer already, but I didn't know how to maintain my website. People were reading my blogs, but I was having a lot of trouble compiling their contact information.

It has been several years since I started my blog. Over the course of running my website, I've talked with dozens of other business owners to discover which tools are necessary to improve my audience. The experience I've gained is invaluable.

Through careful consideration, I've compiled a list of the best email autoresponders that work to assist businesses of all sizes. Putting together lists of emails and sending out automatic responses is easy when you have the right tools for the job.

Take time to consider which product has the best features to meet your needs. I've put together a list of pros and cons for each tool to help you make your decision.

Composing Lists and Sending Marketing Materials

If you want to have an audience for your website, you need to have a way to funnel the email addresses of your visitors into a reliable marketing strategy. You'll need to send out information to your visitors about products and news about your site.

Whether your site offers products, services, reviews, or something else, an email marketing campaign will make your business more relevant to subscribers.

Even though the main purpose of an email marketing campaign is to send out new releases to potential customers, there are other valuable features of an email marketing campaign that you should take into consideration.

For instance, it's important to send an email to each new subscriber when they first sign up on your website. New subscribers should receive an email that welcomes them into your network. By welcoming new subscribers, you are starting a relationship.

Creating a lasting relationship with potential customers by sending an email to them when they first subscribe to your newsletter is an important first step. You're showing the new subscriber that you care about the time they took to sign up.

When you wait around to send that first email, you are losing the opportunity to show gratitude for the interest somebody is showing.

In addition to getting closer to making a sale, an automatic email sent to a subscriber helps prepare the user for what they should expect from your company. The user will recognize your email address when you send another message.

Don't Waste Time With Cheap Marketing Tools

Some of the basic email marketing tools might seem like a good idea when you are first starting out with this marketing tactic. However, you won't have full control over the way that emails are prepared.

In addition to the lack of creative control, the cheap marketing tools on the market might not even have the ability to send an automatic email to new subscribers. You don't want to miss the opportunity to respond to new business.

If you're using a cheap email marketing tool to contact your new subscribers, you are doing a disservice to your business, and your customers will notice the difference.

You're going to waste more time and money working with a cheap marketing tool. If you want to send emails to new subscribers without an autoresponder to assist you in the endeavor, you will have to send each email manually. This is a tiring process.

Sharing These Tools With Other Businesses

Since I've been in business with my blog for a few years, I've had a chance to try out a few different products that offer an email autoresponse feature. In addition, I've talked with other business professionals to hear what they think about these products.

This list is designed to save time and energy for anyone who is new to email marketing. It's my pleasure to share these valuable tools that will completely revolutionize your approach to reaching new subscribers through email.

My List of the Top 5 Email Autoresponders (Product Reviews)

Here's my list of the best email marketing tools that have an autoresponse feature. The first two companies in this product review are my top favorites because they offer an extensive amount of training.

GetResponse and Moosend are at the top of this list because they offer training that is comprehensive, so you'll get started on your campaign in a timely manner. Their training programs go through each step on the path to growing an audience.

The other three companies in this product review are still great email autoresponders. However, they lack some features that the top two companies on this list provide.

The remaining three products (AWeber, Market Hero, and Actionetics) come with less training than the top two on this list. Additionally, the bottom three only concentrate on certain areas of email marketing. They also lack the support that comes with the top two products.

Recommendation #2



Recommendation #3




About This Product:

The extensive training program put together by the folks behind GetResponse makes this product a special treat for business owners. If you're new to email marketing, you won't have any problem getting a marketing campaign started at GetResponse.

Their step by step training will walk you through the basics of how to set up an autoresponder that will promptly get back to new business leads.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Great for Various Industries: GetResponse provides a great autoresponder for travel businesses, online coaches, and other online businesses.
  • Custom Design Emails: Include your logo, write the text, and customize other features before setting up an automatic email campaign.
  • Create Time-Based Messages: You'll be able to set up a cycle of messages to be sent out to each new subscriber.


  • Free Sign upIt's free to sign up for an account, so you will be able to test out some of the features on your own.
  • Autoresponders With Every PlanStarting at the standard plan, you get email autoresponders and many more tools.
  • Easy to UseThe message management system includes a drag and drop interface.


  • You Need to Sign up for a PlanIt's not possible to simply buy the autoresponder feature. You need to sign up for a standard plan at minimum, but the plan comes with many valuable features that will help you grow your business.

About This Product:

This product also includes an extensive training program to help get you started on your next email marketing campaign. The training program set up by the creators of Moosend will help you understand how to use the system.

If you need more help along the way, Moosend customer support is available to answer questions through chat and email.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Welcome New Subscribers: Moosend's email marketing system makes it possible to set up an automatic welcome email that will be triggered to send to each new subscriber.
  • Time Your Responses: There is a special feature available on Moosend that allows you to create timed responses, so you'll be able to set up subsequent emails to send to new subscribers.
  • Set up Specific Actions to Be Performed: You are in control of setting up a variety of actions that will be connected to a trigger of your choice.


  • TemplatesTo get you started on marketing your business, Moosend has 30 templates to choose from.
  • Easy Set upMoosend makes it easy to set up automation by offering one-click integration to major platforms.
  • Track Your VisitorsPay attention to the behaviors of visitors by monitoring their activities on your website.


  • Possible Trouble With IntegrationMoosend offers one-click integration that goes along with most web developers. However, it's not possible to offer this for every web development platform. If your web developer isn't listed, you may have to talk to Moosend's customer support.

About This Product:

AWeber is a well-known company in the marketing industry. They offer a powerful email solution, but you won't have the same great training that you get with the top two products on this list.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Basic Email Marketing Needs: All of your email automation needs should be covered by AWeber's solution.
  • Automatic Template Generator: Their template tool is easy to use, so you'll have your message ready in no time at all.
  • Automated Based on Behavior: AWeber sends automated email based on the behaviors of your audience.


  • WebinarsLearn more about email marketing by signing up for free webinars.
  • Free TrialAWeber offers a free trial to try their product for 30 days.
  • Email TestingBefore you send out your emails, AWeber's testing program will help you find the perfect words to send.


  • Simplified FeaturesAlthough the simplified aspect of AWeber might help you get started, some of their product offerings have limited capabilities.
Market Hero

About This Product:

Although Market Hero doesn't have the same training and support system as the top two products on this list, they do offer an effective delivery platform for automated email campaigns.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Integration With Social Media: Market Hero allows you to send out blasts through Facebook.
  • Shopify Features: If you run an e-commerce business, you'll love Market Hero's features that are compatible with Shopify.
  • Design and Optimization: Send out beautiful messages that are appropriate for each audience.


  • Track Your ROIMarket Hero claims to be the first email marketing solution to have this feature.
  • Re-Cookie Your LeadsEach time you send out a new email, those leads are managed to give you accurate results.
  • Easy TrackingCopy and paste Market Hero's code onto your pages to implement tracking procedures.


  • There Are Other Networks Besides FacebookAlthough many of the other email marketing solutions don't offer any social media integration, it's surprising that Market Hero only integrates with Facebook.

About This Product:

Actionetics is made by ClickFunnel. Although the products offered by ClickFunnel don't have the same built-in training as others mentioned above, their products are still worthwhile investments.

Create thoughtful autoresponders in the Actionetics development tool. Additionally, Actionetics helps provide insights on new leads.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Scoring for Leads: This product has a feature that will actually score the quality of your new leads.
  • Create Segments: Creating customer segments is a great way to provide useful messages to different groups of subscribers.
  • Stats About Each Message: Gain knowledge of how your messages are impacting your audience.


  • Valuable Tools to Understand Your AudienceViewing the stats for each message and scoring your leads are helpful ways to grow your business.
  • Free TrialTry Actionetics for 14 days without signing a contract.
  • Send Other Forms of MessagesYou can also send text messages and direct mail with Actionetics.


  • Lack of TrainingAlthough they have a video on how to use their product, Actionetics might be difficult for new business owners.


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