Commission Hero

Commission Hero

My Experience with Commission Hero

In the past, I tried to make money with affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, my experience was a dismal failure. I firmly believed the money was there but I had no idea what to do.

I was tired of working for little more than minimum wage. I admit I was skeptical when I first heard about Commission Hero. So I did what I always do and started conducting research.

I liked what I found out about the author. I loved the reviews. Well, after an especially bad week, I decided to make the investment. I have never regretted my decision.

Just two months after purchasing the system, I quit my job with the biggest smile on my face you ever saw. By then I knew I had made an exceptional investment. At first, I was angry I had wasted so much in the past.

Then I realized the path I took was not important. What was important was I was earning more than I ever had in my life. This is an exceptional program, easy to use and simple to understand.

The Commission Hero Training Course

The creator of Commission Hero is Robby Blanchard. He concentrates mostly on affiliate marketing and ads on Facebook. Some information is included about CPA marketing.

What I found most valuable was the information teaching me how to convert Ad Swipes and landing pages. I know if I was successful with this program, it is appropriate for anyone who has difficulty paying their bills.

Commission Hero

Keep in mind, I knew very little about affiliate marketing when I first started despite my poor investments in the past. The program involves three simple and easy steps.

You can learn how to properly advertise digital products just by using Facebook. The commissions you can earn are bigger than you can possibly imagine. You start out by choosing the product you want to work with.

You need to be certain the product you choose has an excellent affiliate program. You want your commissions to be a minimum of fifty percent. If you can find a higher percentage, you will earn even more.

I learned three important secrets from my experience with Commission Hero. The first was how to find affiliate programs that paid extremely well. You want the highest paying program possible to make the really big money.

The second thing I learned was how to make a nice profit by running ads on Facebook. The final secret was how to use psychology to make people purchase what I was selling. At first, I did not believe what I was reading could possibly work.

To say I was in shock when the money started rolling in is the understatement of the decade. To really understand how the program works, you need to understand something about ClickBank.

ClickBank and Robby Blanchard

ClickBank is an incredibly large marketplace. Product creators and affiliate marketers join forces on ClickBank because the partnership is profitable for everyone involved. The best performers on ClickBank are making incomes of six to seven figures.

I have a lot of respect for Robby Blanchard. I believe he is one of the best marketers of all time. He has earned the position of CEO for Blanchard Media. You have most likely heard of some of their clients.

Commission Hero

Their clients include Jason Capital International, Paleo Secret and Fit Body Bootcamp. Blanchard Media provides a variety of services including coaching, speaking engagements and private consulting.

At one point in time, Robby Blanchard was the number one associate for ClickBank. Part of the reason I made the investment to start with was that I figured if he could stay on top of the leaderboard, he knew what he was talking about.

I also learned, he did not begin his career as an online marketing affiliate. He was just an average guy working in the fitness sector. He attended Fitchburg State College and graduated with an MBA. This was when he opened a gym of his own.

The reason he started placing ads on Facebook was that he wanted to promote his business. His endeavor was extremely successful. This was when he learned the skills he needed to succeed.

It was not long before he held the position of the top affiliate. This was what originally prompted him to create Commission Hero. This means he is the real thing. He knows exactly what he is talking about because he has lived it.

The Modules

  • Module One: This is where you learn about affiliate marketing, the creator, ClickBank, Clickfunnels and the importance of placing numerous ads on Facebook.
  • Module Two: You are taught the best way to choose the offers you will be using for your promotions. Since this requires an investment on your part, you need to learn how to tell which offers are good and which ones are not.
  • Module Three: This module explains all about ad images. The creator shows you how to locate the best possible images to increase your clickthrough rates.
  • Module Four: You will be taught the best way to set up your landing pages. This will enable you to sell your potential clients. You should not send anyone right to your offer when using Facebook.

This is because you need to get your potential clients in the right mood to purchase your product. Initially, they will not be in the mood to buy anything. The secret is learning how to ensure they make a purchase anyway.

You will need to enroll with Clickfunnels. You will be provided with the templates used by the creator of the program.

  • Modules Five and Six: These modules teach you how to set up your campaign using Facebook. You will learn how to create Ads and Adsets. You will also be shown how to set up a Facebook Pixel.
  • Module Seven: You will not be able to determine where you are getting your sales unless you learn how to track them on Facebook. This is exactly what you are taught in this module. You will also be shown additional techniques to increase your income.
  • Module Eight: Once you find the right product, your next step is scaling. You will be shown exactly how to do this correctly for the ads you will be placing on Facebook.
  • Module Nine: You will learn more about scaling in this module. You will be taught the ninja tactics used by the creator for his campaigns.
  • Modules 10 through 12: This is where you will receive several bonuses. The creator will help coach you through establishing your Facebook ads.

Proceeding at Your Preferred Pace

The program is a good value. What I learned literally changed my life. You will have to invest $997 in Commission Hero. It is worth every last cent.

One of the best parts of the program is it takes into account the fact many people do not have much free time. If you are like I was before I used the program, you are most likely on a tight schedule.

Commission Hero

If you can find just a few minutes each day to dedicate to the program, you can succeed. Since all of the videos are live, you do not have to watch them in any specific order. This means you can take all the time you need during your training.

Once I became a part of the affiliate program, I was encouraged to become a member of a Facebook group for members of the program only. I was extremely glad I joined because Robby Blanchard is a member.

The group enabled me to get in touch with Robby. I admit there were a few times I really needed help. He was there for me every single time. This is just one of the reasons he has earned my respect.

I met people from across the globe once I joined. They were so nice and offered me the help I needed to start out. There were some terrific people in my neighborhood who helped me understand the right markets and products for my area.

If you are able to locate any members in your area, their assistance is invaluable. They will show you the best products for your area. This will immediately place you three or four steps ahead.

The group will offer you the motivation you need while providing you with exceptional tips. Everyone kept telling me I was going to succeed. I do not have the words to express the difference it made.

I was delighted when I proved they were right. When you have people doing the same thing who really believe in you, the confidence you feel is unreal.


  • The training is easy.
  • You are able to access images and ads.
  • The program is friendly for beginners.
  • You receive personal assistance.
  • You have a twelve-month guarantee.


  • You will need to consistently create your own ad accounts.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend Commission Hero for anyone who is not satisfied with their lifestyle. This is your opportunity to substantially increase your income. As long as you follow the program, it works.

I was skeptical at first, but I finally got tired of struggling to pay my bills every month. I believe this is the best investment you can possibly make in your life. Every step you need to follow is beautifully detailed and explained.


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