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Amazon FBA Courses

There are many things necessary for Amazon retailers to learn if they want to be a successful seller of products on Amazon. And while it is no tall task to find literally hundreds of courses that claim to provide the education you will need to become a successful Amazon FBA seller, to find one that delivers on its promise of useful and helpful information is another thing.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to improve their situation through Amazon FBA are in the right place. The honest and straightforward Amazon FBA course reviews below will give you a full heads-up regarding five of the most beneficial courses available.

Top 5: Amazon FBA Courses Review

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass

This course selection is hands down the best for students who possess little to no Amazon FBA seller knowledge. And though the course is specifically designed for newbie Amazon FBA sellers, students of all experience levels will benefit as the course moves through more and more advanced tactics.

Course creator, Kevin David, has a storied history of success as an FBA seller and teaches his methods to students in a direct and personable way. You need only to see the words of a few students to get an idea of how much they appreciate David's efforts.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Kevin for allowing me access to his course. I have been a ninja for a little over three months and I can honestly say my life is a lot different in just this short time.


I am so thankful for Kevin and his Amazon FBA course. I was at my wit's end and did not know what direction I would go when a friend told me about the course. I was reluctant to give it a try at first because I had purchased courses in the past that had left me disappointed. There is definitely no disappointment this time.


I am not a fan of screenshots but I wanted to take this one to motivate other ninjas. You will see my products sell for $10-12 apiece and my sales volume is more than anyone, including myself, would have believed possible just six months ago.


I purchased the course less than a year ago and made $50k in sales last month. I was confident that I could take the teachings of someone like Kevin and make sales on Amazon but I never imagined what is happening for me now.


What You Can Expect From the Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass

There are not many Amazon selling techniques missed by Kevin David in his Amazon FBA course. David's course is the perfect solution for the would-be Amazon seller who seeks to learn the intricacies of the trade and then scale their business to a size that would facilitate financial security. Students can expect to:

  • Develop confidence in their ability to select a product.
  • Learn to find the best suppliers.
  • Learn PPC strategies that will help organic traffic.
  • Add brands to top off revenue.

What's Inside the Course

The Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass is delivered to students through eight modules that include;

  • The Foundation: Licensing and Product Selection.
  • Finding a Supplier and Making an Order.
  • Brand Registration, Price Setting, and Listing Formats.
  • Using Product Giveaways to Launch Products.
  • How to Get and Use Reviews.
  • Amazon Marketing Services and Pay per Click Campaigns.
  • Instagram and Facebook Marketing Walkthrough.
  • Amazon FBA Hacks.


  • Affordable price.
  • Success of course designer.
  • Simple video training.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Kevin David interacts with students.


  • Strategies require some money to implement.
  • Success is measured over the long-term.
Proven Amazon Course 2.0

The Proven Amazon Course was designed by Jim Cockrum and provides another great educational alternative for individuals who want to increase their chances of success with Amazon FBA. Cockrum possesses extensive experience selling products online through a wide range of platforms that include Facebook and Craiglist. The Proven Amazon Course has been updated on a number of occasions and students can examine the course for six months before payment is required.

A phone call from a friend one day introduced me to the course and coaching of Jim Cockrum. I had never considered the Proven Amazon Course and hesitated a bit at the advice. I finally decided to give it a try and now know I made one of the best decisions of my life.

Frank W.

The things I learned with the Proven Amazon Course have changed the way I view the business world and transformed my life as a whole. When I started the course, my life and finances were in complete shambles. 18 months later, I average $8,000 months on Amazon FBA.

Tommy N.

My experience with the Proven Amazon Course has been incredible. I am making money now and learned that I am much more capable as a businesswoman than I believed before. I would suggest this course to anyone who is struggling with business and needs something to feel good about.

Ashley K.

What to Expect From the Course

Students of the Proven Amazon Course can expect to pick up the following skills:

  • How to purchase products in the wholesale market.
  • How to use retail arbitrage.
  • How to use the second hand market for products.
  • How to take advantage of online arbitrage.
  • How to use and take advantage of private labeling opportunities.

What Will Student's Find Inside the Proven Amazon Course

The member's area of the Proven Amazon Course is filled with valuable information for students. Modules include:

  • Wholesale Sourcing.
  • Book Sourcing.
  • Promotional Company Sourcing.
  • Proven Performance Inventory.
  • Product Partnering.
  • International FBA.
  • Audience Formula.
  • Creative Partnerships.


  • Great Price.
  • Detailed Modules.
  • Active and Beneficial Forums.
  • Perfect for Beginners.
  • Updated Coursework.


  • Content can overwhelm some beginners.
Amazing Selling Machine

Mike McClary and Rich Henderson are two men who have experienced their own success with Amazon FBA. The Amazing Selling Machine is their successful attempt at sharing their invaluable experience with other entrepreneurs. Mike and Rich take a let's get straight to the business approach to their course design and do not waste time with fancy lingo and self-promotion.

What Students Can Expect to Learn

The Amazing Selling Machine customers will be clearly proficient at a number of valuable skills after taking the course including:

  • How to select low competition products.
  • How to find a supplier and request samples.
  • How to use Amazon paid traffic and social media to drive traffic.
  • How to add multiple products to grow a brand.

What Students Will Find Inside Course

The Amazon Selling Machine delivers course information through nine complete modules. These modules and their contents include:

  • Module 0 - Welcome module and course overview.
  • Module 1 - Building a Product Opportunity List.
  • Module 2 - Product Sourcing, Profits, and Being Professional.
  • Module 3 - Ordering Inventory and Brand-Building.
  • Module 4 - Ensuring a Successful Launch.
  • Module 5 - The Components of a Perfect Product Listing.
  • Module 6 - Preparing for the Perfect Product Launch.
  • Module 7 - Tools for Advanced Marketing and Trafficking.
  • Module 8 - The Next Level for Your Business.

There are many reasons to fall in love with the Amazing Selling Machine course and maybe one cause of concern.


  • Proven strategies for success.
  • Well-designed coursework.
  • Community support.
  • Everything you need to get started immediately.


  • Cost of the course can be prohibitive for many students.
Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product

This is the only course that received both an endorsement and collaborative effort from Alibaba, the world's number one platform for wholesale sourcing. Students of the Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product can expect to walk away from the course proficient at the following shills.

  • Choose a single product to export you are certain will be profitable.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the Amazon FBA business model.
  • Find the top three suppliers for sample ordering.
  • Calculate and rank products by value.

What Can Students Expect Inside the Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product

Students receive five and a half hours of on-demand video and eight articles when they purchase the course. There are 28 downloadable resources and students have lifetime access to all course materials online. Much of the five and half hours of video coursework includes five mini-goal lessons that include:

  • Mini-goal 1: Understanding What to Look for in a Product.
  • Mini-goal 2: Identifying 3 Basic Products Using Basic Product Criteria.
  • Mini-goal 3: Find a Product to Import.
  • Mini-goal 4: Find Suppliers Who Will Provide Samples.
  • Mini-goal 5: Final Product Research.


  • Affordable.
  • Focused education on product selection.
  • Course designed by successful Amazon FBA Businessmen.
  • Course design assistance by Alibaba.


  • Limited scope of course material.
Amazon FBA: How To Sell On Amazon Using FBA Complete Guide

This course by Nick Tsai is the perfect program to transform a complete newbie into an Amazon FBA entrepreneur capable of making a six-figure income. Students will learn to:

  • Find profitable products.
  • White-label products.
  • Achieve massive sales.
  • Run Facebook Ads.
  • Generate organic traffic.
  • Leverage PPC Advertising.

What's Inside this Amazon FBA Course

The Amazon FBA: How To Sell On Amazon Using FBA Complete Guide is delivered in four modules and one video of bonus content. Modules include:

  • Devising the Plan.
  • Finding Products.
  • Setting Up and Duplicating Products.
  • Traffic Genation.


  • Good Price.
  • Step by Step Video Instruction.
  • Provides Thorough Training.
  • Neat Course Design.


  • Could be difficult to digest for beginners.


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