Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine is a program online that teaches you the fundamentals and advanced strategies on creating a business through Amazon. Selling your own products and building a brand using Amazon is one of the best ways to make money in today’s time.

Amazon is a billion dollar corporation, and you deserve to get a piece of the action. The struggle most people deal with is not knowing where to begin, how much to invest, what to sell, and what to do first. Following Amazing Selling Machine cuts you down to being more than halfway to where you need to be to grow your Amazon business.

What Does the Amazing Selling Machine Teach?

This program isn’t your one-size-fits-all product with an ebook or an audio course explaining a few tips here and there. Amazing Selling Machine is a complete step by step program that dives in to every single thing from choosing a product to figuring out who to use as your supplier.

Amazing Selling Machine

The reality of selling your own products is that it’s a difficult business to break into if you don’t have the right knowledge. The money you put in for inventory and having your product stocked up is a financial risk, so having the right knowledge can save you from making huge mistakes.

The 8-Module Online Web Class

  1. 1
    Finding The Perfect Product.
  2. 2
    Evaluating Suppliers and Samples.
  3. 3
    Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand.
  4. 4
    Building Your Brand Assets.
  5. 5
    The Perfect Product Page.
  6. 6
    The Perfect Product Launch.
  7. 7
    Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools.
  8. 8
    Taking Your Business To The Next Level.

These eight modules are going to revolutionize how you build your Amazon business. It's going to educate you through powerful video training every aspect on getting started.

Aside from the incredible owners, they bring on three highly respected people to help with their training web class. Rich Henderson, Mike McClary, AND Dan Ashburn have built multiple million dollar businesses, and it's very clear to say that they know what they are talking about.

Amazing Selling Machine

Throughout the eight comprehensive modules, you will discover everything from product development to Amazon account setup. The first module will show you how to find the perfect product, understand niches and markets, patent development, and speeding up the process to get yourself moving and selling.

The second and third modules give you an indepth look at examining suppliers, product tuning, building a social media presence, logo creation, product packaging, and understanding how to input your very first inventory order ever. It gives a very up close and personal vibe on becoming an Amazon seller.

Module four is about building your assets. Creating an online web presence with a website, social media channels, and even building a list are all a big part of building your audience and following.

Building a brand is a process, and this whole section ensures you find success on creating that brand. Once you build that brand, you are on your way to creating more products in your niche and making more money because of the same people who will be buying from you.

Amazing Selling Machine

Modules five and six are about creating the perfect Amazon product page. Optimizing your page is the #1 way to ensure people want to buy what you are selling. Creating a product launch is the solution for creating hype and building momentum as you begin to sell your product, and these modules cover how to get started on the right path.

The last two modules are the core of creating an Amazon business. They dive in on different topics like advanced marketing tools and building traffic.

Whether it's utilizing Amazon coupons or developing a solution for higher conversions, these are the two modules meant to help you take your business to the ultimate next level. It's a solution that guarantees you grow your product to reach new heights, allowing you to make more down the road.

ASM Mentor Program

Amazing Selling Machine

Ever wanted to invest in a course that promises someone incredible behind it is going to be there for you? You get access to the ASM Mentorship section, known as the Amazing Alliance Community, which is a community that allows you to post a question with a professional right there ready to help answer your question.

They built this mentoship program off of the first people who once joined originally several years ago. Some of the people who will answer your questions will be other extremely successful Amazon sellers who were once where you are right now, but you can also have your question answered by the top instructors in the program as well.

The best part about the Amazing Alliance Community is that you will get incredible instruction right at your fingertips with people ready to help you when you need it most.

Private Resources Vault

This Vault is a culmination of all the tools and resources that you can't find anywhere else. This Vault is the golden key full of incredible resources. You will learn about the best software that the creators have used to find and create their own Amazon businesses. You will even get access to all the people they have used like photographers, videographers, and other industry professionals that have helped them build their brands.

Who Are the People Behind Amazing Selling Machine?

Matt Clark is the Co-founder and chairman of the Amazing Selling Machine. Jason Katzenback is the CEO and Co-founder as well, and together they have built a solution that has exceeded their expectations.

Amazing Selling Machine

Creating a platform that gives a voice to people of all ages and lifestyle backgrounds allowing them to build businesses that will benefit their life and their next generations. Both of these guys are responsible for multi-million dollar companies, and they are here to help even the most novice product seller get on the right track.

Proof Is in the Case Studies and Testimonials

Just one quick glance at their testimonials page and you will see that this program online is responsible for millions upon millions of dollars in sales and revenue. The numerous video testimonials proves that they can take any ordinary human being and help them launch a profitable private label business through Amazon. All it takes is the ability to follow direction precisely and properly.

William Eckard is just one of many from outside the United States who found himself earning him over $5,000 in his first four months of following the Amazing Selling Machine program.

Scott Lindsay is another person who built an incredible business who then sold it to investors for nearly $2 million. And then of course there's Ben and Charity DeVries who earned nearly $600,000 in their first 12 months of joining the program. There is no doubt in my mind that you can build a business for yourself when you join Amazing Selling Machine.

Pros and Cons of Amazing Selling Machine


  • This product is very direct to the point and systematic. If you go through ASM from start to finish, you get a complete and concise program that's easy to follow. Putting in the work is another struggle, but ASM makes it simple enough to follow so that you are motivated and put in the work.
  • They provide actual case studies. Amazing Selling Machine provides actual case studies, real solutions, and people who practice exactly what they preach. No need to worry about following in the footsteps of an imposter and false information.


  • The biggest con to this program is the cost. It's not a cheap program. It's not your run-of-the-mill $49.99 product filled with fluff and audio courses promising you overnight riches. It's a program meant to give you hours upon hours of knowledge that can literally transform your life. It's expensive because it is capable of guiding you to earning thousands upon millions in sales.

Bottom Line

There's a reason why Amazing Selling Machine is not the cheapest program. It's not an easy "quick fix" to your money problems. It's a complete program that I know has all the information you need to grow your Amazon business, and that information and the access to huge earning sellers doesn't come cheap.

Their knowledge is going to change how you do business, and good training comes at a cost. They want to make sure that only the most professional and focused people are going to join.

The Amazing Selling Machine is capable of changing your life in numerous ways. Imagine building a product, creating a brand, and developing a company that starts from the ground up and earning you thousands of dollars on autopilot.

ASM is capable of doing this for you. One look at their testimonials can show you that they are the real deal for creating actual businesses. Now is the time to build a physical business.


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