Alex Becker

Alex Becker

Just like us, you may be curious about the marketing guru who’s always flashing on your social media channels with thumbnails of his yellow Ferrari and black Lamborghini in the background. It’s pretty hard not to notice Alex Becker with his catchy titles like: “I Made $40,000 Yesterday. Here’s How I Did It, I Hope It Helps YOU”, “From Broke to Buying a $240,000 Ferrari/ Lamborghini at 20 Years Old”, or “My First Lamborghini at 24 (What It’s Like to Drive)!” Now, you remember who we’re talking about?

Yes, that good looking guy who tells you advice on how to make loads of money online is Alex Becker. He has numerous videos out there because he has been doing the YouTube scene for years now. He also has a ton of followers, which is not surprising because he is a good looking guy with a lot of substance.

Who in the World Is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker

Alex Becker may appear cocky to some of you because of how he parades his wealth. However, we all cannot help but agree that he is turning heads towards his direction and keeping attention because he is good at what he does. Alex Becker is a successful online businessman who offers you true value.

What’s most astounding about it, Alex Becker is a fairly young self-made millionaire. He puts many older men to shame out there. If you’re thinking everything was handed to him on a silver platter, think again.

When he left the Air Force at 23, he saw that he could leverage the internet to make money. He decided to put everything he has got into internet marketing. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What Does He Offer?

The first thing that Alex Becker did right off his Air Force retirement was to build an SEO or search engine optimization company. Within the first few years, Alex was able to find success and earn $4 million plus a year. Later on, he grew his business and developed the following:

  • His catchy YouTube videos that always go viral.
  • Developed the Source Wave University.
  • A software he created called Market Hero.
  • His Shopify training program.
  • A best selling booking called “The Ten Pillars of Wealth”.

Some say that prior to this, Alex Becker wrote two other books on dating called the “College Code” and the “Attraction Catalyst”. Some scoff and laugh at the titles that teach other males how to get laid. But this is merely more evidence that exhibit Alex Becker is indeed able to capitalize on almost anything, proving that he is a true business visionary and one of a kind marketing guru.

How Can Alex Becker Help Transform Your Life

If you are looking to eventually free yourself from the shackles of a bundy clock, then watching his videos and doing his programs will be very helpful. He may have click-bait and attention-seeking titles and images, but Alex Becker is able to back that up with a lot of good advice. Some say that he is cocky and arrogant, but you can’t dispute the guy’s results.

Alex Becker

While most twenty something millennials are busy gallivanting and traveling the world, while waxing poetic about a nomadic lifestyle, Alex Becker is busy growing his wealth and expanding his reach to help more people find financial freedom.

Some of you may lift an eyebrow and say Alex is merely doing everything for financial gain, but there are more who believe there is value in his videos, software, books, and courses. Let’s take a detailed look at each one below.

The Source Wave University

Some say that Alex Becker already sold this company last 2019, but we have decided to include it in our review profile because Alex is and will always be its founding father. He created this in 2015 to provide you guys both an SEO education and a community.

SEO is critical in this modern world where competition abounds. If you want people to notice your business, especially when they’re actively searching for something, you want to stay on top of that Google, Yahoo, or Bing rankings. This is where SEO comes in as you are taught how to leverage keywords and use other techniques to rank high.

Alex Becker

Those who join Source Wave get access to the school’s expansive training archive, which gets updated every single month. On top of that, if you join this program, they have live webinars, critique your site to ensure you’re on the right track, and answer your questions.

The whole course crafted by Becker will teach and guide you how to do SEO. More importantly, it teaches you how to setup your own SEO business, so you can help and earn from other business owners who want a good ranking for their own websites.

There’s a long list of happy students that have earned a steady stream of income after enrolling with Alex’s program. Enrollment is fairly priced at a media of fifty bucks a month, along with a ten day free trial offer. To this day, Source Wave still remains popular, and they have not forgotten how they started.

The Market Hero Software as a Service (SaaS)

One of Alex Becker’s primary focus is his SaaS called Market Hero, which sells both software and training courses that teach you how to develop your very own ecommerce dropshipping company. The pet name of this product is now called Hyros.

You can buy the software or do the intensive training programs separately. But many of his happy clients say that it is more cost-effective and totally better to get a bundle because the two touch on parallel topics and work beautifully together. The bundles also come at a discounted rate, which makes it even more enticing.

Alex Becker

If you want to engage in an online business selling goods and/ or services, this course is perfect for you. This business model has expanded rapidly over the years, and with good reason, too. It is a great email autoresponder and lead tracker.

If you want to get in the game, here is a list of what Hyros can do for you business:

  • Serve as a one-stop shop for all your email sequences, marketing funnels, lead tracker, and analytics.
  • Help you with the segmentation of you email list to leverage what campaign is the most popular.
  • Simple click and drag functionality.
  • Comes with an “Earnings Per Lead” calculator, which gives you the full picture of a lead’s worth and how you reach ROI with your campaigns.
  • Software integration is easy with many landing pages and marketing/ecommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify, ClickFunnels, etc.

If you want to try Alex Becker’s SaaS, you will be thrilled with their two weeks free trial offering at no cost and no risk. If you happen to like the product, you can avail of the standard package that costs only $19 per month.

The training program alone is also offered as low as $9 per month. Just be sure to maximize the free two week trial offer for both the SaaS and training program. You want to ascertain that you truly like the product before committing to a long-term package because they have ultra-strict policies with refunds.

The Hero Sales Academy

This is another one of Alex Becker’s creations that teaches you how to to sell online. If you avail of this program, you will be more adept at doing advanced sales video copywriting. Your products will sell rapidly because you will be taught how to make sales presentations and webinars.

Alex Becker

Furthermore, you’re given tips on how to make proven landing pages and design. All of this can be accessed with a one month trial for the rock bottom price of one dollar. After, you’ll have to fork out $47 a month to get continued access.

If you happen to purchase a cheaper long term plan, fret not because Alex Becker’s academy will give you a 90 days no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you’re unhappy. For those who are starting, this is a pretty good intense program centering on online marketing and sales.

The H-COM 2020

Alex Becker forged a partnership with Shopify to bring you this exciting ten week program with the main objective of teaching you how to finally start and launch your own dropshipping business using the Shopify platform.

Alex Becker

The program will tell you all there is to know about setting up your business, picking out your products, building your store brand, and using Facebook advertising to expand your reach to your target audience. This is a glimpse of what H-Com offers you:

  • Master the Shopify platform and learn all its apps..
  • Pick niche products to attract more clients.
  • Set up and design your own e-store.
  • Use and optimize Facebook ads.
  • Think of promos to gain more clients and set yourself above your competitors.

The only caveat, the price of the program is mucho expensivo. You can avail of this for a one time payment of $1,997 or you can do five installments of $597, which bumps the price up to $2985.

The E-book: 10 Pillars of Wealth

Alex Becker wrote this in 2016 after being an entrepreneur for about a year. It catapulted to the best seller list immediately. Now, a lot of people have used his 10 pillars as motivational memes.

Alex Becker

Here are the ten pillars as listed on his book:

  • Reject “Getting Rich Slowly”.
  • Separate Your Time from Your Money.
  • Accepting that You Must Be Better than Everyone Else.
  • Every Little F*cking Thing is Your Fault.
  • Adopting an Abundance Mindset.
  • Forgetting “What If” and Focusing on “What Is”.
  • Mapping Out Actions that Achieve Big Goals.
  • Focusing Solely on What Gets You Paid.
  • People Give Money to People That Get People.
  • Surround Yourself with Successful People.

Everything that he wrote actually makes a lot of sense, which is why they still remain true and inspirational to this very day. Alex Becker's book has received a lot of good reviews online, saying that his tips have been transformational.

Bottom Line

Overall, Alex Becker is a pretty great guy that has a long list of accomplishments to backup his claims. Not everyone will be able to say they became a millionaire before they hit thirty. Heck, many are still struggling on a daily basis.

Alex's long list of followers also show just how much people he has helped over the years. If you want to learn a thing or two about growing your business, then availing of Alex Becker’s products may give you the inspiration and a kick in the right direction.


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