Actionetics Review

Actionetics Review

Are you a Clickfunnels customer who's gotten tired of your third party email marketing service? It turns out that Clickfunnels has its own email marketing automation platform. Previously called Actionetics and now called Follow-Up Funnels, this service integrates with the Clickfunnels software to maintain your email lists.

The email service comes with most of the features you'd expect to see with other providers. Rather than being a standalone product, it's part of the Etison Suite Clickfunnels package.

I've taken a look at the features and broken down how they work, how they measure up to the competition, and who can best benefit from this plan.


  1. 1
    You can create unique and segmented subscriber lists, similarly to most other email marketing services.
  2. 2
    Smart Lists allow you to automatically remove and add contacts based on specified rules, so you don't need to manage your lists manually.
  3. 3
    There are flexible automation funnels that allow for customized consumer interactions.
  4. 4
    Integrating with third party applications allows you to connect to a Facebook audience, send text messages, and gather sales data.
  5. 5
    Broadcasts can be used to send announcements and other one-off emails to your entire consumer database.

The Basics

Follow-Up Funnels, previously called Actionetics, is a built-in email marketing service that works with Clickfunnels. While it hasn't been part of Clickfunnels forever, the program has been available since 2015.

Like the majority of other available email services, Actionetics will create email lists, store contacts, and help you create automated emails. In addition, the program uses an Action Score to rate the engagement of every contact on your list. You'll have instant comparative data regarding which of your consumers is most invested in your brand.


It's important to note, though, that this isn't a standalone program. It is integrated completely with the Clickfunnels software. That means that the forms you create won't embed into WordPress websites, and it won't work with other third party lead generation software.

However, if you've created sales funnels with Clickfunnels, Follow-Up Funnels is designed to optimize them for your email lists.

Another note is that sending the emails requires integration with a third party SMTP service. This isn't a huge hassle, and does have some advantages, but it can sometimes make the automation process more complicated.

Automatic Email Segmenting

When you market through email, you don't typically want to send your entire subscriber base the same emails. People who have engaged with your content will respond to different follow-up emails than those who haven't. With this program, you can create a variety of email lists based on different actions. There's also a Smart List feature.


Smart Lists are lists that automatically adjust based on rules you create. They will add or remove contacts without needing manual management. Many rules can be chosen from, and it's possible to use several at once.

Some of the main categories of rules include:

  • Email steps.
  • Products.
  • Funnels.
  • Contacts.

Rules regarding contacts allow you to match contacts by their engagement score, demographic, or any tags in the program. Funnel rules integrate with the steps in your existing sales funnels. Product rules are for consumers who've purchased particular products or services. And email steps are for contacts who've opened specific emails.

This allows for automatic email segmentation that constantly updates, so you don't have to keep grooming and adjusting your lists by hand. For people with a wide number of email lists, it saves a ton of time.

Unlimited Contacts

For business enterprises with tons of contacts, Actionetics is an attractive option because the month-to-month price remains the same. Most email marketing services scale their pricing based on how many subscribers you have. If you have more than fifty thousand, it can often cost thousands of dollars a month just to maintain the software.


For those without a large contact list, the price of the Follow-Up Funnels package might not be worth it. But for those who do, it can save thousands.

Third Party Automations

Action Funnels are used to create automation sequences. You have a variety of different actions that can be performed. In addition, third party applications like Shopify, Twillo, and Facebook can be integrated.


By integrating third party apps, you can automate more processes. For example, you can send SMS messages with Twillo, gather sales information from Shopify, and customize your Facebook audience with your Follow-Up Funnels contacts.

SMTP Service

The Follow-Up Funnels software doesn't send emails itself. Instead, it uses a third party SMTP service. This might seem clunky at first, but it does allow a higher degree of flexibility.


First of all, you won't have marketing limitations imposed on you by your email service. Certain services don't like affiliate programs or other types of marketing emails, but having your own SMTP program mitigates this.

The setup also makes your emails more deliverable. Shared SMTP services make you liable for the actions of the other users on the service. They're largely outside of your control. But having your own service means that your emails are less likely to be blocked.


The first of four items in the Follow-Up Funnels menu is the contacts list. This shows every contact organized with basic information. The table can be customized to show whatever information you're currently working with.


Clicking on an individual contact will bring you to their profile. This will show you what user actions feed into their Action Score, what products they've purchased, and any business memberships they're part of.

It is a little difficult to delete contacts. Removing them from the service entirely isn't possible, so they have to be archived. This process takes several steps and doesn't allow for bulk moving of contacts, so you have to shift profiles one by one.

Email Lists

The Email Lists page allows you to view every list you've created. That includes lists of all subscribers along with all of your segmented choices. The organization is ideal for those with many lists, since you can group similar lists together by their tags.


This interface is easy to use. It only takes a few clicks and filled-out fields to create a new list. If you specify that it's a Smart List, deciding on your list rules only takes a few more minutes. However, Smart List settings can't be changed once you've finalized the list.


With a broadcast, you can send emails to consumers with one-off announcements or time-sensitive sales opportunities. Anything that wouldn't work with typical autoresponder fare is typically used as a broadcast.


Broadcasts are also easy to create, allowing you to specify your unique subject line and form. There's a drop-down menu to let you select one or multiple existing email lists, so you don't always have to email all your subscribers at once. It's also possible to have broadcasts sent to subscribers who've been recently active alone.


The templates in Follow-Up Funnels are fairly limited. There are twelve basic ones to choose from. By comparison, the competition tends to have several dozen or even several hundred available.


However, each of the templates is customizable to suit your needs. The email editing tool works very similarly to the sales funnel editing tool in Clickfunnels. You can change, add, and rearrange elements until the content displays how you want.

To make sure that the emails display correctly on both desktop and mobile devices, you'll send a test email. You can preview it on your phone, tablet, and different computer screens. If everything looks good, all you have to do is hit the Send Email button to reach your subscribers.

Like with Clickfunnels, Follow-Up Funnels makes use of sales funnel software with Action Funnels. These allow you to automate your emails for higher conversions.

Pros and Cons


  • The service integrates well with Clickfunnels and allows you to manage your emails and the rest of your advertising through the same channels.
  • The interface is fairly easy to use and allows you to optimize your emails for increased conversion rates.
  • You have access to ongoing data and analytics regarding your subscribers, their engagement with your content, and the sales you've generated.


  • This isn't a standalone service, so to utilize it, you need to have the Etison Suite plan with Clickfunnels.

Final Considerations

Actionetics, also called Follow-Up Funnels, is a basic email service that's part of the Clickfunnels program. It's only available to Clickfunnels customers if you purchase an increased package that starts at around three hundred dollars per month.

If you're already using Clickfunnels for your ad campaigns and landing pages, it makes sense to integrate the email marketing software. The software lets you create action funnels and examine your ongoing email campaigns just as easily as the rest of the Clickfunnels software.

However, if you're using other third party marketing tools, you're better off seeking out a standalone email marketing service.


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