Training Others

You can run an Engineer Your Life training and teach other engineers how to talk to high school girls about engineering. This section contains a webinar, training slide show, talking points, printable handouts, and preparation tips.

Note: This one-hour training is designed to be led by experienced trainers. We invite you to make modifications to fit your style and audience. You might also want to work with a partner the first time you lead this training, so that it's easier to prepare, facilitate activities, and evaluate your training.

Resources Provided

  • EYL Webinar (one hour) - To download the .wmv file (125MB), click here.

"Effectively Communicating Engineering Careers to High School Girls"

Note: A short video is shown 14 minutes, 40 seconds into this webinar presentation. The video is not viewable at this link. To see the video, please click here. Then feel free to skip ahead to 18 minutes, 55 seconds to watch the rest of the webinar presentation.


1. Review the webinar, slide show and talking points. Feel free to modify the slideshow and talking points to fit your audience. Note: If you are unable to project the slides on a screen, make copies of the Slide Show for participants.

2. The presentation contains one video clip. Choose your favorite EYL video, then download the video and embed in your powerpoint. Be sure the room you are presenting in has speakers that can connect to your computer or bring your own.

3. Before the training, download the full Extraordinary Women Engineers Final Report and review. We recommend that you also view the video of Kito Robinson presenting this research. 

4. Spend some time reviewing the EYL website. The information on slides 14-22 is an overview of the EYL website. While a live internet connection is preferable, we’ve provided these static slides as a backup and guide for how to go through the site.

5. Plan the logistics of your training, including date and location. If your group is part of a larger organization, you may want to contact that organization to ask for meeting space, materials, and publicity for your training.

6. Plan how to publicize the training.

7. Order postcards by emailing:

8. Make a handout packet with copies of the following for each participant:

  • EYL postcard
  • Take Engineering for a Test Drive pdf
  • Recommended High School Coursework pdf
  • Researching Engineering Schools pdf
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid pdf

 9. Rehearse the entire workshop to fine-tune your presentation and ensure that it fits within the allotted time.

10. Collect names and emails of the attendees. Ask if they’d be willing to participate in the project evaluation.

Let Us Know How It Goes
Send us the names and emails of your participants and tell us about your experiences training others. Please drop us an email at


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