Host an EYL College Fair Table

The EYL table is an opportunity to provide prospective engineering students, their parents, and educators with information and give them a chance to ask questions in an informal setting.

Audience: High School Girls, Parents, Counselors, and Teachers

Time: 3-4 hours

Resources: When you sign up to host a table at a college fair, you will be sent:

  • 25 Engineer Your Life posters
  • 300 Engineer Your Life brochures
  • 150 Engineer Your Life postcards
  • a 2x9 Engineer Your Life banner
  • 4 Engineer Your Life T-shirts
  • A reproducible copy of: 
    -Take Engineering for a Test Drive 
    -Recommended High School Coursework 
    -Researching Engineering Schools
    -Scholarships and Financial Aid 

College Fairs: Review the listing of college fair cities and dates at the NACAC Web site to see if there is a fair near you.

Sign Up: Email to host a table in your area.

Costs: Note that some costs will be involved. You’ll need to budget for signage, mounting posters, and if necessary, renting equipment.


Every year, more and more students attend National College Fairs seeking information about colleges, universities and other postsecondary institutions.

Engineer Your Life chose to partner with NACAC and their National College Fairs program since they are unmatched by any other college fairs in the nation. Since 1972, National College Fairs has been one of the most reputable and productive recruiting tools available to postsecondary institutions. Collectively, they reach 800,000 kids annually. Other fairs, of course, can be equally influential, and we encourage you to host a table at other college fairs in your region as well.


Staff the Table

1. Staff the table with current engineering students and engineers who are friendly and knowledgeable. This will give students and their parents an opportunity to meet real engineers and provide an informative introduction to engineering. Fairs average about four hours in duration and require no more than three volunteers at a time.

2. Talking points
Download the Engineer Your Life College Fair Talking Points.

3. Sign-Up Sheet
Make several copies of the sign-up sheet and encourage visitors to provide information so they can receive EYL updates. After the event, mail the form back to the address on the bottom of the sheet.


Dress the Table

Make your Engineer Your Life table lively and engaging with the following resources:

1. Posters
Mount two to three Engineer Your Life posters on foam core. Place on easels you’ve brought with you behind your table. There are 25 posters in the resource packet. If you need more you can download the EYL poster pdf and have a local copy shop make more.

2. T-shirts
T-shirts are a great way to unify the look of your table and convey the message about engineering. Please make sure that everyone staffing the table wears an Engineer Your Life t-shirt. There are four EYL t-shirts in the resource packet. If you need more, please contact

3. Show engineer video profiles
Show the EYL videos of female engineers in action to help dispel typical engineering stereotypes and replace them with, “That’s engineering? I want to do that.” Set up a computer or video monitor in a place where participants can watch (be sure to turn on the captions in case it is loud). Play one video or all six.

Katherine Bicer ensures that helicopters are safe, fast, and reliable.

Erin Fletcher designs bridges and barriers that reduce traffic noise in neighboring communities.

Daniele Lantagne teaches people around the world how to make their drinking water safe. 

Judy Lee designs everything from children's toys to cool pet products.

Tanya Martinez is helping Mi'kmaq and Navajo Indians expand their renewable energy sources.

Jessica Miller designs life-saving medical devices for patients with heart disease.

4. Distribute EYL Materials
Stock your table with the following resources:

Engineer Your Life Brochure pdf
This colorful brochure introduces engineering and the site.

Engineer Your Life Postcard pdf
This handy postcard offers a quick sampling of interesting engineering careers to entice girls to look at the Web site.

Take Engineering for a Test Drive pdf
Offers helpful suggestions for those kids who want to explore engineering in practical ways while they’re still in high school.

Recommended High School Coursework pdf
Lists the course preparation that most engineering programs require for admission.

Researching Engineering Schools pdf
Tips for researching different kinds of engineering schools.

Scholarships and Financial Aid pdf 
Suggestions for how to research and obtain financial assistance.

Let Us Know How It Goes

We'd love to hear about your experiences hosting a table. Please drop us an email at