Distribute EYL Resources

Hand out Engineer Your Life postcards to interested girls and educators. Obtain these free materials by sending an email to: feedback@engineeryourlife.org

o    Engineer Your Life Brochure (Currently out of stock)
      Helps girls to explore whether engineering might be their dream job. 
      See EYL Brochure pdf

o    Engineer Your Life Postcard
      This handy postcard offers a quick sampling of interesting engineering careers to entice girls to look at the Web site.
      See EYL Postcard pdf

Download and distribute these additional resources to students who have expressed some interest in engineering.

o    Take Engineering for a Test Drive pdf
      Offers helpful suggestions for those kids who want to explore engineering in practical ways while they’re still in high school.

o    Recommended High School Coursework pdf
      Lists the course preparation that most engineering programs require for admission.

o    Researching Engineering Schools pdf
      Tips for researching different kinds of engineering schools.

o    Scholarships and Financial Aid pdf
      Suggestions for how to research and obtain financial assistance.

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