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Do you want to help give engineering a better image? Do you want to let people know how exciting and rewarding an engineering career can be?

Then change the way you talk about engineering! Take the Engineer’s Pledge.

       I will:

  • Tell people about the creative aspects of engineering.
  • Promote the collaborative nature of engineering.
  • Talk about how engineering makes a difference.

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Inspiring the Next Generation

Become part of the movement that’s transforming the way engineering is presented to girls. Review the messages and resources the Engineer Your Life campaign has developed to show how exciting and rewarding a career in engineering can be. These messages are meant as broad guidelines to help you formulate your own way of talking to girls. As you read through the next pages, reflect on the language you’re using to talk to girls, and whether it aligns with the motivations and career aspirations of young women.

This section will help you understand:

Then you can get involved in spreading the word about Engineer Your Life:


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