Project Lead the Way Recruitment Kit

"Focus Your Future": Girl's Reception Tool Kit

Looking to increase the number of girls in your Project Lead the Way classes? The "Focus Your Future" Toolkit gives you step-by-step instructions on how to hold an informational reception for girls and their parents. Speaking with girls and their parents/guardians about the positive aspects of engineering is a successful strategy for recruitment. Girls need to know that engineers are creative, work cooperatively in teams, share ideas, and use their imagination to help others.

This program will help increase girls’ awareness of engineering as a career option, provide practical real-world applications, and show how engineering improves our quality of life.


“Focus Your Future” Toolkit
Contains steps to plan and conduct a reception, pre-planning activities, and sample materials including the announcement, evaluation, thank you note, and sign-in sheet.

“Focus Your Future” PowerPoint
Create interest and excitement for engineering careers with this powerpoint presentation that explains what an engineer is and how great a career it is.

"Focus Your Future” Budget Worksheet
A tool for planning expenses incurred for hosting a reception.

Focus Your Future” Handout
A list of web sites for girls and their parents to discover more about engineering, opportunities and resources.