Advising Your Kids

Before advising your kids or students, learn more about engineering.

Research reveals that most kids and adults don’t know what engineering is, and if they had to guess, they’d tell you that engineers sit alone at a desk all day doing math problems.  But a quick look at the women profiled on this site shows that engineering is in fact creative, involves lots of teamwork and collaboration, and is making a real difference in people’s lives. By dreaming up imaginative, practical solutions, engineers are changing the world all the time.  

If a girl understands what engineers do—develop a safer car seat, build a school that can withstand an earthquake, or design a high-tech running shoe—she might discover that engineering offers exactly what she’s been looking for. And besides, an engineering education opens doors to all kinds of careers—doctor, business professional, teacher, and of course—engineer.

Use these helpful resources when talking to your kids about engineering:

Engineer Your Life Brochure (currently out of stock)
Distribute to girls you think might like to consider engineering.
See the EYL Brochure pdf

Engineer Your Life Postcard
This handy postcard offers a quick sampling of interesting engineering careers to entice girls to look at the Web site.
See the EYL Postcard pdf

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Watch a Video Profile
A fun way of introducing yourself or a high school student to engineering is by watching these short video profiles.  Among them you’ll meet Tara Teich, who creates Star Wars video games, and Daniele Lantagne, who helps communities around the world obtain safe drinking water.

Take Engineering for a Test Drive
Offers helpful suggestions for those kids who want to explore engineering in practical ways while they’re still in high school.
Download the Take Engineering for a Test Drive pdf

Recommended High School Coursework
Lists the course preparation that most engineering programs require for admission.
Download the Coursework pdf

Researching Engineering Schools
Tips for researching different kinds of engineering schools.
Download the Engineering Schools pdf

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Suggestions for how to research and obtain financial assistance.
Download the Scholarships pdf

Send Information to Potential Engineering Students
Send an e-mail inviting students who might be interested in engineering to check out this site. 

Watch Design Squad
In 13 episodes that you can watch online, eight high school contestants tackle engineering challenges for actual clients—from designing a peanut butter grinder for a women’s collective in Haiti to making a wedding dress that converts into a tent.  In the final episode, the top two scorers battle for the Grand Prize—a $10,000 college scholarship.